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What are the Common Responsibilities & Role of a Migration Agent? What can they do?

What are the Common Responsibilities & Role of a Migration Agent? What can they do?

Migration Agent

A Migration agent is a well experienced & qualified personnel that provides every latest update about immigration and assistance to secure immigrants. A registered agent must have a legal certificate issued by an Australian government. What tasks does a migration agent do? A migration agent can do lots of work in immigration. Some of them are as follows: 1. It helps you to complete your visa application file. 2. Gives a piece of genuine advice about the visa on what visa will be best suited for you. 3. He also checks your documentation whether it is up to mark or not. 4. It provides you a perfect opinion on your eligibility criteria. 5. Continuously keep an eye on the overall improvement of your application. 6. Collaborate with the Government of Australia on your behalf. Why a migration agent is necessary? Migration agents are very important for providing you a successful visa. They can also help you to navigate with the world of visa applications. a migration agent is an effective choice for those who felt discomfort in applying an application on their own risk. In 2017, the Australian Government announced that the subclass temporary skilled work visa under (457) will be replaced with a new TSS (temporary skilled shortage) visa. Facts to opt for a migration agent. For better results, it is essential to opt for an appropriate migration agent. All migration agents working in Australia are registered with the MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). To choose an agent, you can consider the following needs:
  • Proper advice about visa options
  • Relevant assistance applying a visa application
  • A specialized agent in a visa type
  • A legally qualified agent
  • An agent who is a great narrator.
Fees of migration agents Well, there is no such cost or fee mentioned by the migration agents, but it may depend upon some elements that are listed below:
  • The type of visa you are applying for
  • The complication level of your case
  • Whether you have dependents listed in your application like children.
  • The qualification and the experience of your agent.
It is a good idea to talk with several agents about their services and the fees that they can charge before any commitment. What are the new policies of Migration agents? 1. Contracts and fees Once you hired a migration agent, they will deliver you a written document that includes all the detailing of their services & cost of services. All agents have a code of conduct that they must use. 2. Progress reports 3. Interest Conflicts 4. Termination of contract

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