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Rights Of Children Born In Australia to Foreign Parents

Rights Of Children Born In Australia to Foreign Parents

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Do you belong to a foreign country and right now living in Australia? If you are expecting and considering starting a family in Australia, then we will discuss the required information that will help you get to know which privileges your children will get after being born in Australia. Take a look at the compiled information in one handy guide explained below. 

Rights Of Children Born In Australia to Foreign Parents

Apply For the Birth Certificate

First thing after the baby delivers you need to apply for the birth certificate. It can be stressful when a child is born in Australia to foreign parents. You must follow these steps to do this.

Step 1 – Gather the necessary documents including the parent’s passport, and hospital records, and make sure it has mentioned the correct information.  

Step 2 – Submit the application form by mail along with the necessary processing fees.

Step 3 – Wait for the government department that issues birth certificates so that they process the application. You will also receive the Notice of acceptance or rejection against the same. 

Step 4 – After you receive the notice, follow the instructions and fulfill if required any additional requirements.

Step 5 – You will receive the official birth certificate within a few weeks if all goes in your favor.     

Registering The Child’s Birth with the Australian Government

It is essential for all parents they register their child’s birth with the Australian government. For a child born to foreign parents, it is necessary to get registered with accurate information. You can follow these steps for the same. 

Step 1 – Take the child and their identification documents or passport o the local service center or post office. Here you will get the certificate of registration of the child born overseas application kit. 

Step 2 – Complete the form with the correct information and attach the supporting documents like your residence proof and other documents to avoid delays.

Step 3 – Pay the required fees online or at most major banks will be necessary.

Step 4 – Ensure the information you filled in are correct and make sure you have done with the changes or update regarding nationality, names, and visa status.

You have to update the information with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) s that you would get the smooth registration of the child’s birth with the Australian government. 

Required Documents for Applying Passport for The Child

Getting Australian citizenship is a lengthy and complicated process if the child is born in Australia to foreign parents. To start with the process, you need to follow the process and complete the guidelines for applying for citizenship. 

Step 1 – Determine the child’s eligibility based on the birth country and parents.

Step 2 – Complete the application form and attach the supporting documents certified by the public notary or authorized witness. 

Step 3 – Also, submit the identification evidence and the record of the child for each application.

Step 4 – After filling in the necessary information, you have to follow the instructions from the departments regarding why and when to sit for an Australian citizenship test when required. 

Step 5 – After approval, the child will receive Australian citizenship within 28 days of the decision notification (based on individual cases). 

Benefits Child Can Enjoy 


Having a child born in Australia to foreign parents has received some rights and privileges once one achieved Australian citizenship. Do follow the above mentioned steps for the same If any other information is required then can contact the Education Embassy, a team of registered migration agents in Brisbane, Australia. 

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