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Requirements that need to be fulfilled to obtain an Australian Student Visa?

Requirements that need to be fulfilled to obtain an Australian Student Visa?

If you do not have proper knowledge about student visa requirements, then you need to get help from migration agents in Brisbane. They will tell you what requirements are necessary to fulfil to get a student visa in Australia. These include:

  • Health and character requirements.

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement

  • English proficiency requirements

  • Financial requirements

These are explained below-:

What is a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)?

This requirement was introduced in 2011, which means a student visa applicant has to prove that he has a genuine intention to visit in Australia. He is going to stay only for some time or temporarily for the purpose of the study and to accompany a student as a dependent. Once you have done with it, the Department of Home Affairs will consider the certain factors include-:

  • Your immigration history

  • Circumstances in your native country

  • Value of your chosen course to your future

  • Potential circumstances for you in Australia

First, you may need to attend an interview before the visa decision at your nearest Australian embassy. This is not necessary for everyone, but only some applicants need to attend the visa interview.

Other Australian student visa requirements

Financial requirements

You have to prove that you have sufficient funds to bear all the expenses including tuition fees, travelling, and living costs. To obtain a student visa, you have to show that you have AU$20,290 for travelling and accommodation as well. In case, you have dependents, then you may need to show much more than this amount.

English proficiency requirement

It means you have to crack a language proficiency test according to the chosen course. For this you must talk to your migration consultant, only he will tell how many bands you require to obtain a visa. It is common for every student to get a 6+ band to obtain a student visa. There are several types of language proficiency tests such as-:

  • IELTS-: The International English Language Testing System.


  • PTE-: Pearson Test of English (Academic)

  • Cambridge Advanced English (CAE).

Health requirements

You also need to fulfil health requirements to obtain a student visa in Australia. You may ask you to take a medical check-up from an expert or professional doctor. And you have to hand-over that medical report to immigration. Make sure, you are suffering from any type of serious health condition.

Character requirements

Yes, it is necessary for everyone to prove that he has a moral character. Make sure, you did not indulge in any type of criminal activity in previous years or at present as well. You must show a police clearance certificate to complete the application.

Necessary student visa documents

  • Valid passport with a recent photograph.

  • Certificate of Enrolment or Offer letter from university or college

  • Evidence of sufficient funds

  • Evidence of health insurance cover

  • English proficiency test results

  • Criminal record check results

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