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Everything you need to know about the requirement of de facto relationship

Everything you need to know about the requirement of de facto relationship

Many of the applicants want to learn about the de facto visa requirement. To make sure you make the informed decision, you need to contact the best migration agents in Brisbane. Their understanding of the visa will help you get the visa on time. Let’s understand the visa requirements of applicants in a de facto relationship.What are the visa options of a de facto relationship?
  • Partner Visa
Subclass 801 or 820 or Subclass 310 or 100
  • New Zealand Citizen Family Member
Subclass 461
  • being added to the de facto partners visa
Simply, being in a relationship with an Australian partner does not mean that you will be able to fulfill all the needs of a de facto relationship. Immigration will not consider the fact you love each other. Immigration wants to check the documentation so that all the requirements are met. You need to make sure your relationship can give proof.What proof do you need to provide?The couple should have a mutual commitment to have a shared life. The relationship needs to be genuine and continuing. Additionally, the couple should not be living apart from each other permanently.To apply for any partner visa or to be included as a partner as a secondary applicant, you need to be mentioned as a member of the family unit. To be part of the family unit, the applicant needs to be a spouse or the de facto partner.To make sure all the needs are met, you should contact the migration agent and they will give you brief information on what all documents you need to submit.Requirements will judge the de facto relationshipGenerally, to get the visa approval, you need to show that you meet the needs of the de facto relationship for at least one year before the application is made. The requirement of 12 months will be fulfilled by demonstrating compassionate or compelling circumstances.However, if you can register the relationship in relevant territory or state, you will be able to fulfill the de facto requirement of 12 months. Keep in mind, not every state given permission to register the relationship.Well, there is no set of documentation that you need to give to fulfill the requirement. Every relationship is different, so the documentation can rarely be the same for the couples.What about the requirement of the financial aspect?
  • Joint Bank Accounts – that are used frequently
  • Evidence of joint loans
  • Evidence of pooling of funds to make purchases
  • Evidence of fund transfers to each other
  • Sharing of household expenses
Contact the migration agentTo make sure, you make the right choice, and submit the documents correctly, hire the team of migration agents.

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