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What all do you need to know about the reopening of Australian borders?

What all do you need to know about the reopening of Australian borders?

Australia international borders closureOne of the major questions which are coming to the mind of applicants is, ‘When will Australia reopen the border for international students’. This is the major thing that people on partner visas or sponsorship visas want to know.If you are having any concerns in your mind regarding any visa type then make sure to consult the migration agents in Brisbane. To be specific, there is no such date which tells when the Australian borders will reopen. In this blog, we are going to mention the relevant information regarding this context and what are the necessary steps which you need to take to plan everything.Who has the permission to fly into Australia now?According to the Australian federal government, the borders were closed on 20th March 2020 for international students, sponsorship visa holders, tourists, or anyone who wants to get a temporary visa.
  • From then on, the Australian citizens and permanent residents are going to fly into the country, except some direct family members, children, spouses, or legal guardians who have been given permission to enter Australia or who are holding the Partner visas.
  • Applicants having the Business and Investment visa – Subclass 188 are exempted. The holders do not have to apply for the application even though it is a temporary visa type.
  • People who have been granted the partner visa – The permanent 801, temporary 820, or offshore 309 are not part of the travel ban. Even without having permission, they are allowed to travel to Australia anytime.
  • Permanent residents, Immediate family members of Australian citizens, or Eligible citizens from New Zealand on the visitor visa, need to apply for the travel exemption and they need to give the documents which tell them that the family relationship they have is genuine. However, it is not that easy to get permission for travel but in certain cases, it is possible.
 When will Australian borders open? During the federal budget, in October, the government announced that the borders will reopen when the vaccine arrives or in late 2021. However, the recent news said that the vaccine will arrive on 2nd December and it might be available from early 2021 in Australia.With that said, it is impossible to imagine what is going to happen in the next few months, and when the borders will reopen. The travel bubble between New Zealand and Australia is a good sign. It means that special permission is not needed by the New Zealanders to travel to Australia or they need to self-isolate themselves for 2 weeks.

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