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What is the meaning of Red, orange, and green color in Australian migration?

What is the meaning of Red, orange, and green color in Australian migration?

What is Red, orange, and green occupations in Australian migration?

The Traffic Light Bulletin has been released for the migration purpose by the “Department of Employment, Skills, Small & Family business”. The changes proposed are to modify the SOL for skilled immigration which includes the addition of occupation for aged and personal care, or removal of some trade occupations. Important Note” Applicants should keep in mind that these are just proposed changes which mean whether they come into effect or not is not guaranteed. The proposed changes can come into formal status by March 2020. To understand these changes in a better way and to make the right decision you should take help from the best Migration Agents in Brisbane. Red Occupation Red occupations mean that certain occupations will be removed from the skilled list completely. Some of the occupations which were popular earlier among migrants but now they might be removed are:
  • Hairdresser
  • Massage Therapist
  • Community Worker
Orange Occupation With orange occupation, certain occupations might be removed from one list to another. In Australia there is 3 occupation list:
  • Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)
  • Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)
  • Regional Occupational List (ROL)
Proposed Changes
  • Occupations from this list like painting trades workers, Motorcycle Mechanics, Wall & Floor Tiles, and Automotive Electricians will be removed and shifted to STSOL.
  • Occupations from STSOL to the MLTSSL occupations are moved like ICT Project Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, and Information & Organization Professionals. This will be helpful for applicants to apply for PR who are on Subclass 482 under the Subclass 190.
  • From the ROL to MLTSSL the Ship’s Master and Procurement Manager occupation can be moved.
  • From ROL to STSOL the Real Estate Representative and Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson can be shifted.
  • From STSOL to ROL the Geologist occupation can be moved due to which the applicants will be limited to live in a regional area before they can apply for PR.
Green occupations Green Occupations might be added to STSOL like Personal Care Assistant, Nursing Support Worker, and Disabled or aged carer. However, for these occupations, the compulsory skill assessment is required. Recommendation for Salary Cavet
  • Occupations like Pastry Cooks, Fitters and Turners, and Bakers will have a minimum salary of AUD 65,000.
  • Sportsperson minimum salary: AUD 120,000

New Occupations

Occupations not in ANZCO ABS-determined occupation cod
Blockchain strategist ICT Business Analyst (261111)

Blockchain Planner or Manager

ICT Project Manager (135112)

Horticulture Farm Manager Fruit or nut grower (121213 )
Biosecurity Officer Quarantine Officer (311313)
Maintenance Electrician Electrician (General) (341111)
Irrigation Manager Fruit or nut grower (121212 )
Data Scientist Info & Org. Professionals nec (224999)

For immigration purposes, these definitions can now be used.

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