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Recommendation given by the migration agent to overseas student Australia

Recommendation given by the migration agent to overseas student Australia

Australia: So, you are planning to move to Australia for study purposes. No doubt, there are different courses available which can make you confused about what to choose. So, to make things easy our migration agents will answer some of the top questions related to study in Australia.
  • Which type, of course, can help us to meet the occupational demand?

This question is very common among the students. To start with, you should always choose the course in which you are interested and want to work in. This is also true the immigration rules and regulations keep on changing and a lot has been changed.  The Skilled occupation list includes different areas like Education (childhood education, secondary, and early), health (medicine, work, social, and nursing), agricultural science (agricultural scientist), engineering, information technology, trades, and many more. The requirement for every course is different. For a nurse there is a requirement of a graduate degree, you can qualify for a nurse by taking entry into a bachelor degree for 2 years. For engineering, there is a need for a bachelor degree. For IT, masters and experience of one-year post qualification are needed. To get a better understanding of the requirements and the process you should contact our Migration Agents in Brisbane. They can give you information related to different visa which includes visitor visa also.
  • Which courses offer 2-year requirement of studying in Australia?

To get points for skilled migration, you need to complete the study of 2 years in Australia. Many students choose to get a master’s program but even vocational courses can also fulfill this requirement. For qualification, there is a need to get registered under CRICOS for 92 weeks. Mostly the university degrees are registered for 52 weeks that means the master’s degree of 2 years will be for 104 weeks. 2 years study will include masters, PHDs, masters, bachelor’s, graduate diplomas, and university courses. For the vocational courses, the courses which are valid are certificates. Like engineer from overseas who have studied diploma course which is linked closely will count as 2 years. This way you can apply for the graduate course. 
  • Which course can benefit me if the employer is ready to sponsor me?

In some parts of the world, work ethics are very hard which can benefit the Australian economy a lot. When it comes to studying it is important to know which course can help you in the right manner. For example, you have studied diploma in management then you will be eligible to get sponsorship for 457 or you can even get permanent residency by regional sponsored migration. It includes occupations like hotel manager, caravan park manager, and restaurant manager.

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