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Recent 2020’s Rule Amendments In PR, Immigration, Point System Of Australia

Recent 2020’s Rule Amendments In PR, Immigration, Point System Of Australia

Australia has a point-based immigration system to provide permanent residency to skilled individuals all over the world. If you are wondering to apply for Australian Visa 2020, you should consider all the recent amendments in Australian immigration rules. You must apply your application from Migration Agents in Brisbane as they are efficient enough to tackle all kinds of visas. This year, the Australian government has launched some of the strong steps to provide better opportunities for qualified migrants for Australia immigration. Major immigration rule amendments of Australia which will play major Roles in 2020 are:- 1. Open pathways for semi-skilled applicants with limited English proficiency The Australian higher authorities have signed agreements with the Northern Territory and the Victoria Great Southern Coast. These agreements give the Nominee Area Migration Agreement designation by giving semiannual skilled immigrants a greater chance of permanently obtaining residency with limited English proficiency. To address the labor needs of certain regions, Australian higher authorities are deciding to sign more such agreements with such areas. Semi-skilled workers who have a lower level of skills, income and language proficiency can be able to grab PR in Australia as per these agreements. 2. Latest Changes in Australian Immigration point system Some of the recent amendments in the Point Test for Permanent Residency for some of the visa categories i.e. Subclass 189, Skilled Nomination Visa 190 and 491 visas are launched by the government of Australia this year.
  • 10 points are given for a candidate for having a skilled spouse.
  • 15 points for applicants who are nominated by either state/territory government or sponsored by family members who are already Australian citizens or hold Australian PR.
  • 10 points for those candidates who hold STEM qualifications ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
  • 10 points for those candidates who don’t have a de facto partner.
  • 5 points whose those candidates whose partner is English competent.
On 16 November 2019 these changes had been implemented in the Immigration Point calculator of Australia. 3 New Regional Visas Announced by the Government The three new visa categories, i.e. Skilled Regional Subclass 191 Permanent Residence Visa, Regional Provisional Skilled Work Subclass 491 and Employer-Sponsored Regional Subclass 494 Visa are recently announced by the government of Australia. The Australian government had replaced two visas by the following visa categories:

Old Visa Removed

New Visa Replacing the old visa

Subclass 187 Visa

Employer-Sponsored Regional (Subclass 494 Visa)

subclass 489 Visa

Regional Provisional Skilled Work (Subclass 491 Visa)

The Subclass 191 visa is meant for a permanent residence in Australia.

From November 16, 2019, there have been the commencement of the first two visas, i.e. Subclass 491 and 494. Whereas, Subclass 191 visa will take a little more time approximately 3 years, i.e. in 2022 to start. The upcoming Subclass 191 visa shall give a golden opportunity for overseas people to settle in the Australian Territory permanently.

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