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Reasons Your VISA Application Could be Taking so Long to Get a Result

Reasons Your VISA Application Could be Taking so Long to Get a Result

There is a lot of hustle bustle and activity before filing your application. But after the application has been filed, the months may go by and you may not hear from the embassy. People often get restless when several months go by and there is no response from the embassy. The applicants should not get perturbed by such situations. While the processing time mentioned by the government is only an indication, there is actually no specific time frame. Some applicants may hear soon from the embassy while some of them might have to wait a little longer. It is only taking longer to process your application and there may be several reasons behind it. You can cross check with your migration agent about the processing time it usually takes. If the embassy has not come back to you about your Australia VISA, look at the following reasons that might be holding up your application-
  • The Government Needs More Information Related To You
It sometimes happens that the government needs some information related to you and does not want to proceed further in the processing without it. In such a case they will contact you or your migration agent for the information. You might have to provide some documentation regarding it, failing which, your application might get delayed. It is recommended that you supply the required documents as soon as possible.
  • An Error On Your Application Calls For Further Investigation
The applicant can make mistakes while applying. One can misread the instructions or provide incorrect documentation unintentionally. It is very crucial that you fill it with care and check the application for mistakes before sending it. If you are not confident enough, it is best to take the services of an immigration agent. If the application has some mistakes, it is highly likely that your application will be scrutinized by the government which increases the chances of it getting delayed or rejected.
  • You Have Unusual Circumstances
Cases differ on an Individual basis. All the applications will not be processed at the same pace. Every case is judged on an individual basis. Some people who have applied in the same time frame might have their answer from the embassy within a few months but some might be awaiting news. Every case has a different processing time so don’t panic. If it has been really long, you should talk to your migration agent regarding it. He is the best person to turn to when you have doubts about your application.

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