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Reasons Why Australia is the perfect Migration Destination

Reasons Why Australia is the perfect Migration Destination

You must have heard about the lovely weather the country has for the most part of the year. It also boasts of beautiful beaches and appealing cuisine. But there is more to Australia than these fine little things. Talk to your migration agent and you will know Australia stands for much more. Your immigration lawyer will definitely recommend it, as the following features are attracting a lot of population to the country-
  • Rising Economy
After 27 years of continuous economic growth, ours is a stable and progressing economy. The economic growth is a product of more employment opportunities which is a boon to the local residents as well as foreign people. Visit an immigration Agent’s office now to know the possibility of your migration.
  • It’s raining jobs!
If you talk about job opportunities, Australia has a lot to offer. There is a high demand for accountants, agriculture, childcare staff, engineers, etc. All in all, it is a haven for skilled workers. The rapid economic growth is catalyzing job opportunities. The obvious outcome is a high demand for both local and international workers.
  • Good remuneration
Getting a job is not the only criteria which will satisfy your needs.Getting a good share of allowance is also required. Australia enjoys the highest average salary at $ 94, which is higher than that of America and Tasmania. The restaurant employees, as well as miners, enjoy a higher average salary than the rest of the world. You will be glad to know that Australia has the highest minimum wage at $15.96 an hour.
  • Education
Vast choices are available for students who want to pursue higher education.They can avail from various vocational courses and postgraduate streams. Australian education ranks high in the job market as it is at par with global standards. As far as school education is concerned, the primary and secondary schooling is compulsory. Public schools are funded by the government so the education is free. Public schools are also available, which have varying fee structure.
  • Premium healthcare
Australia provides you with the best healthcare system known as Medicare. It covers the basic fee of the hospital along with the medical fees. This way, healthcare is the most affordable for all the citizens of Australia. If a particular area is not covered by Medicare,  then affordable private healthcare options are also available.
  • A melting pot of all cultures
Australian land is a true mix of multicultural people. Many Australians are originally from some other country. In fact, 40 % of Australian citizens have their origins elsewhere. Truly the country is a celebration of a multicultural population. It even celebrates Harmony Day on March 21st to show its cultural diversity.

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