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Different Reasons Behind The Rejection Of Student Visa In Australia

Different Reasons Behind The Rejection Of Student Visa In Australia

Education Embassy Brisbane: This article will highlight the top reasons for the student visa rejection in Australia.
  • Not able to fulfill the Genuine Temporary entrant requirement
First thing first, when you plan to study in Australia it is important that you take the help of the best Migration Agents in Brisbane.You need to make sure that you are a genuine and aspiring student. The main requirement is to pass the GTE. The test helps the government to siphon the applicants who have applied for the student visa and are planning to get quality education in Australia. The applicant needs to give proper information which includes written statements and documents.
  • Not able to meet the English Requirements
If you are planning to study in an English-speaking country then you need to speak English. To get the visa approved this requirement is very important.The English requirement will be different from one university to another. Along with that, the skill level needed will be different.Well, no matter what you need to give the IELTS test to get the student visa application accepted.
  • Not able to meet Academic Qualification
To qualify for the student visa the requirement of the academic qualification plays an important part. The Academic qualification will be different according to course, educational level, and where you want to study.So, it is essential to read the instructions carefully mentioned on the university website. Entry requirements for different study levelEnglish languageAchieve the required English scoreUndergraduateHave an overseas equivalent to an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education.– PostgraduateCompleted the undergraduate degree.
  • Unavailability of funds
The requirement of funds is very important to get the student visa. In this case, the government is not to take the answer as no. You need to fulfill the financial requirement. It means that you can finance the studies and live with ease in Australia. Currently, the student needs to show the annual credibility of around $AUD20,000. So, it means you need to save money to get the student visa accepted.
  • Past Misconducts
This is the most obvious reason your student visa can get rejected. If in the past you have attended a university and have misdeeds then the application will fail which ultimately leads to visa refusal.This is involved with the character part. Your genuine character is very important to enter Australia.
  • Incorrect documents
The organization is an important part to get the student visa accepted. This means the documents required for the visa should be proper and in the right order. If there are any mistakes or the information is not complete then the student visa application can get rejected.

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