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What are the topmost questions commonly asked about student visa?

What are the topmost questions commonly asked about student visa?

From where should I start?

To apply for a student visa, it is essential that you have accepted a course. If you have not done that you have to submit the application for the course you want to pursue. It is important that the course you selected should meet the visa requirement of that country. Visa acceptance will be done by different factors:
  • The country citizenship
  • The destination country you selected
  • The type, of course, you want to study
  • The institution you want to study
  • The funding for your study
In case you are planning to study in Australia then you need to give the proof that you enough amount of funds for study and to carry your day to day expenses. Additionally, the course you selected and citizenship of the country will be assessed. Wherever you want to study it is essential that you apply for the visa on time and in case of any problem you should seek the help of our Migration Agents in Brisbane.

Where do I need to apply for the student visa?

The visa will be applied in your own country and you have to visit the application centre. All the paperwork will be submitted and if required the biometric will be submitted. For the Australian visa application, you can submit them online. In the case of a US Study visa, there is a need to attend the interview at the embassy.Which student visa type I need?if you wants to Study In Australia is needed for post-16 education if you are studying abroad.
  • In Australia, the country citizenship and selected course will let you know the visa type.
  • In the US it is known as an F-1 visa.
  • In the UK it is known as Tier 4.

How much money is needed?

This factor plays a very important role in the processing of visa applications. You need to prove that you have all the required funds to cover the cost of your study and living expenses. In some countries, there is a need to give proof that you have all the funds until the course is completed.For a UK student visa:
  • Course fees of the first year
  • £5,400 to cover living costs for 9 months.
For an Australian student visa:
  • Return airfare
  • Living costs per year AUD 18,000
  • Study fee
Why is it important to have good English?The course you selected will need an English language certificate. Having a better understanding of the English will make the application processing better. Without the help of a translator if you are not able to understand or communicate then it might create a problem.

Is it possible to work on a student visa?

With the student visa, you are allowed to work per week for 20 hours. You can start working once your course has started.

What is the time I can stay?

With the student visa, you can stay for the time duration of the course. Once the course is completed you are allowed to stay for a short time which is around 60 days to 4 months.

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