Questions Asked By An Interviewer In Australian Student Visa?

Questions Asked By An Interviewer In Australian Student Visa?

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Questions asked during an interview:

1. What is your motive for migrating to Australia?

This is the most commonly asked question by the case officer. This question is asked to evaluate the information which is submitted by the applicants in their visa application form. In this question, you have to state the motive of migrating to Australia.

2. Why do you select Australia for higher studies?

For this question, the case officer wants to know the reason why you choose Australia in other selections. You have to give a clear and thoughtful answer to the question, which justifies your reason precisely.

3. Do you want to stay in Australia after the completion of your course?

In this question, The officer is trying to confirm whether your main purpose is to settle in Australia. You have to give an answer in such a way that it can make an officer clear that you will come back to your home country after completion of your course. You have to provide strong reasons to justify your statement.

4. Are you planning to continue studying in Australia once your current course gets completed?

In this question, You have to give a clear as well as an honest answer to an officer. If you have not decided yet then you can make him clear through your communication.

5. Which course you have adopted?

The case officer asks this question to verify the information from you which is provided in your visa application. You have to name the study course which you are going to pursue over there.

6. What is the reason behind this peculiar course?

This question is asked by the officer to know the motive behind the selection of this course. Officer asks this question to judge whether the applicant is serious in this course or the applicant just considered it to be the pathway to Australia. You should answer this question in such a way that it should justify your interest to pursue the course as well as your statement too.

7. Describe a little bit about your selected course.

You have to provide a short explanation of your selected course. The explanation should be impressive that it can effectively state your interest as well as the motive of choosing this course. You have to mention the duration of your course too.

8. What is your motive behind selecting this peculiar Australian college/university?

The officer wants to verify the information which is provided in the statement of purpose. Your answer should be clear, concise and satisfies the need of the officer. You have to provide strong reasons to support your answer.

9. How this course benefits you?

The officer wants to know the benefits you enjoy after doing this course. This question mainly deals with your career opportunities.

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