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What are the topmost questions asked about the Expression Of Interest?

What are the topmost questions asked about the Expression Of Interest?

What is Expression Of Interest (EOI)?

Expression of Interest is point-test which helps in telling why you are migrating to Australia if you apply any of these visas: Your answers will be reviewed by the state & territory government as well as the employer. Your skills will be evaluated to make sure they need the Australian economy.For the best possible interest, you must seek the help of the best Migration Agents in Brisbane as they have up to date information for every step of visa processing.

What is referred to as an Invitation?

The invitation is permission which the Home Affairs Department gives to the applicant for the visa application they lodged under the Australian Skilled Migration program.

How much time is needed to have an invitation?

Certain factors will determine the processing time like at a specific time application received type of occupation, skill shortage level, point score, and other things.Also, after getting the invitation the petition should be submitted in 60 days otherwise EOI is taken away from the data bank.

What is the point test?

Point test helps in choosing the applicants with the required skills and attributes. The total points depend on the visa the applicant has applied for. Points are given on the following basis:
  • Age
  • Skills
  • Occupation
  • English Language proficiency
  • Work experience

What is meant by nomination?

The nomination shows the following things:
  • Name
  • Occupation is relevant to the position which needs to be filled
  • work location
  • Position Skills and experience
  • Salary in the market

Explain SkillSelect and its working?

SkillSelect is the online system that the Australian government introduces and it is for the skilled migration visa. The applicants who submit the information are either invited or nominated by the state/territory government or Australian employer to get the visa.

Is it possible to submit EOI without clearing the Skill Assessment?

No, the evidence is needed for the skill assessment and English proficiency before EOI is submitted.

How can I get my EOI updated?

Updated EOI can be updated in certain situations:
  • Getting visa category changed
  • Occupation or family composition is changed
  • Higher points are scored
  • Points are reduced
Once the changes are made in the skill select the updated point score will be given.

What if something wrong information is given in EOI?

All the information in EOI must be accurate while issuing the invitation. In case, the information is inappropriate or unreliable then the application can get rejected even if you have the required points.

Is it possible to submit multiple EOI?

The applicant can submit one EOI. When the old one expires then the new EOI can be submitted only or the applicant gets Letter of Advice of Apply and the invitation is being dismissed.

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