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What are the Processes Required in Inviting Family or Partner to Australia?

What are the Processes Required in Inviting Family or Partner to Australia?

Australia has become a favorite choice or destination for all International students & Visitors. The enhanced transportation service, cleanliness and properly maintained territories made Australia world-famous. We all have a dream of settling abroad in two ways either study or work. For more details, you can consult with Migration agents in Brisbane as they effectively clear your visa related queries.

Ways are considered while Inviting Family or a Partner:

  •  Evaluate whether you are living in Australia Temporarily or Permanently.    
  •  Find an appropriate visa depend on their entry. For more, you can explore more visa options.
Eligibility Criteria for Inviting Family 1. Examine that You are travelling to Australia on a temporary visa or permanent. 2. Identify if your visa permits subsequent entry or that have declared the family members recently, Types of Visa for Family members or Partner
  • Spouse Visa: This visa is very beneficial for those individuals who are married to an Australian resident, permanent citizen or have been in a common-law with one for at least a year. Moreover, if you meet all the mentioned requirements then you are easily eligible for a spouse visa for Australia.
  • Fiance Visa: If you are willing to marry an Australian citizen. You can apply for a fiance visa in the Immigration of Australia. It is also an important visa type that is issued by the Australian Government.
  • Interdependent Partner Visa: This type of visa is especially issued to those persons who are in a valid interdependent relationship with an Australian resident and aim to enter & live permanently in Australia. An interdependent Partner visa includes same-sex couples.
  • Parent Visa: A parent visa is one of the most important visas to enter Australia. Individuals who are a parent of an Australian Citizen can easily apply for this sort of visa. You are also eligible for a New Zealand if your child is willing to invite you or sponsor you.    
  • Family Relationship Visa: A family relationship visa in Australia is very beneficial for families. This visa allows you to stay temporarily in Australia. Unmarried people of the senior secondary can expand their overall stay up to 12 months. Through this visa, you can live & grab some important information about Australia and its culture
  • Contributory Parent Visa: This visa category has more than 3,500 places and has a shorter waiting period as compared with the Already mentioned visas.\
Along with that, You can Invite your Partner or Familymates by applying under the following visa: Remaining relative: This visa category is for those who are the members of their family that left outside the nation. Aside from a young kid or if you are married. Your spouse is also live without their relatives either in any other nation. Resident Return Visa: This visa is for permanent residents of Australia or the former citizens who lost their residency.

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