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Another big problem with the skilled migration program in Australia?

Another big problem with the skilled migration program in Australia?

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  • Skilled migration is the cornerstone of economic and population strategies of Australia, and should be a win-win.
The Australian government is searching for immigrants who tackle skills shortages and keep flourishing the economy. Immigrants are on the lookout for economic opportunities as well as for a better lifestyle.One of the Australian studies implies that the skilled migration program is not able to achieve its full potential skills which are being expected. Several skilled Immigrants weren’t finding the opportunities which they were hoping for.One of the surveys which were conducted on more than 1,700 skilled migrants surviving in South Australia, revealed that 53% of the migrants were not employing their skills and abilities precisely, with 44% employing in an activity which is contrary to what they were nominated for.The outcomes which are obtained from the survey do not show an effective result that means it is not fulfilling the expectations of new immigrants and the labor market reality. In short, the results do not satisfy the expectations of available jobs and employers. In other words, the skilled migration program is not working as it is expected to.Trends of Skilled migration:-Most of the entry of the migrant in Australia is to benefit the economy. Out of approximately 178,000 permanent visas approved in 2017-18, 111,000 visas were for skilled migrants.Around 35,000 visas of those 111,000 visas were employer-sponsored which means visa applicants were guaranteed a job via Australian employer. Whereas, about 7,000 visas were approved under the category of business investment visas, which means the applicants who are arriving in Australia had to bring sufficient money along with them to employ themselves or others.About 68,000 visas came under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program which is based on the skills which the applicants hold, considered for the short supply. The Skilled Occupation List of the federal government now holds more than 670 jobs.

South Australian experiences

70% of our sample has professional qualifications, which is compared with just 20% of the average population of South Australia. A high rate of technical and business skills are also observed in South Australia.Despite this, success was found in matching jobs with their qualifications. As noted, the unemployment rate was more than double the state’s seven times. For those migrants who found a job, 44% reported that they should not join the occupation in which they had the experience, and 54% reported that they were in a role but they did not fully employ their skills as well as qualification.

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