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Best Partner Visa Agents in Brisbane, Australia

A partner visa is a popular form of visa in Australia. It allows an applicant to enter and live with his or her partner, who is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia or an eligible New Zealand citizen. There are various subcategories of this visa that are based on the requirement and eligibility of the person applying for the visa. Interact with one of the best migration agents for a partner visa in Brisbane through Education Embassy. Our team will help applicants with the entire process involved in obtaining a partner visa.

Who can apply for a partner visa for Australia?

An applicant is eligible to apply for a partner visa for Australia if they are married, engaged, or in a de-facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. They can either apply from their home county (overseas) or while they are in Australia. If they are applying offshore, they can apply for either a partner temporary visa –subclass 309 or a permanent visa – subclass 100. If they are already in Australia, you can apply for a partner temporary visa – subclass 820 or permanent visa – subclass 801.

All visa subclasses are intended for different purposes and differ in their permissions as regards the period of stay and permission to work and study at an Australian university, with or without government support. There is also a designated waiting period between applying for a temporary and permanent visa and applying for Australian citizenship when you become eligible for the same.

The important thing is to be honest in all your statements and to have corroborative evidence for all things mentioned in your visa application form. As any false statement, records, or slack in following the visa terms and conditions are taken very seriously and can impact your stay in Australia and future applications for visa or PR. The advantage of hiring a professional migration agent for a partner visa is that they explain all the requirements to you upfront and help you in collecting all the details and documentation before applying for a partner visa application or PR.

How hard is it to get a partner visa for Australia?

There are various aspects to obtaining a partner visa. You need to complete all the requirements to successfully apply for a partner visa. As the applicants for partner visas are almost double the people that are usually granted a visa in any given year, there usually is a 12-to-18-month processing period associated with the visa. Another factor that most people are unaware of is that there is a 12-month relationship requirement for applying if the applicant is in a de-facto relationship. There is no such limit for a married partner visa.
Apart from this, the applicant needs genuine support documentation to prove the relationship; the evidence includes financial records, proof of cohabitation, and social evidence. They need to adhere to all visa deadlines and never overstay the approved visa period. The breaking of visa conditions becomes part of the visa history and makes future applications difficult. The medical test and character certificate should also be taken seriously. The Australian visa is also expensive by world standards, costing around $7,700.
These are only a few of the conditions and parameters concerning the partner visa for Australia. You need to hire the services of a trained and experienced partner visa consultant to ensure that all conditions of applying for a partner visa are met.

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