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Partner visa subclass 801 and 820 allows the spouse, engaged, or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen to come and live with his or her partner in Australia. It allows the visa holder to study and work in Australia and paves the way for PR in due course. If you are applying for this type of visa, you need to ensure that it is done with the required documentation to avoid rejection. It is useful to hire an immigration agent in Brisbane, to assist you with partner visa subclass 801 and 820. First, a partner visa 820 is issued, which is a temporary visa that allows the spouse to live and study in Australia with their partner. They will be in Australia with the temporary partner visa 820 until the permanent partner visa 801 is processed.

Unmarried Partner Visa Appeal in Australia

You may feel stressed if your temporary partner visa subclass 820 or permanent visa subclass 820 is declined for any reason. However, with Education Embassy, the leading visa and PR specialist of Australia as well as registered with the Migration Agent Registration Authority ( MARA), you can lodge a visa appeal with AAT or Administrative Appeals Tribunal Australia for reconsideration of the decision of the department of home affairs. We help you with the unmarried partner visa appeal process in Australia by applying with all relevant documents and evidence with AAT. The AAT looks at the financial records, the validity of marriage or relationship including bank statements and co-habitat status, photographs etc. to decide on the appeal.

How Can Education Embassy Help You?

The easiest way to apply for a PR or partner visa subclass 801 and 820 for Australia is to take the help of experts. Education Embassy is the leading visa service provider in Australia. Our PR & migration agents in Brisbane are experts who are well-versed with all rules, regulations, and requirements for applying for a spouse visa for Australia. Speak to our multilingual PR & immigration agents in Brisbane on 0474 600 600 and they can guide you through the entire process of applying for a partner visa in Australia. We offer comprehensive visa & PR services at affordable prices with guaranteed results.

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