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Great News for Offshore Applicants Applying for Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

Great News for Offshore Applicants Applying for Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)


Skilled Nominated Visa - Subclass 190

The Subclass 190 – skilled nominated visa is a point-based permanent visa for skilled workers. The person who wants to apply for the same needs to complete some requirements including EOI (expression of interest) through skill selection and gets nomination from state or territory government, the applicant needs to have at least 60 points and must get positive skills assessment and English test. After receiving the nomination, the applicant will receive the invitation for which he has to apply for a visa within 60 days.

As this is a selection-based invitation procedure the candidate needs to fulfill the entire requirements before applying for the visa. The state /territory check for the requirements and invite the candidates who can contribute to the growth of their local economy. Direct application is not applicable for skilled nomination visas onshore or offshore. So, if you seeking the nomination then have to fill submit your profile in EOI Skill Select and wait to get nominated. There is different close date held from time to time and you can seek help from the migration agent Australia that will keep you updated with everything in Australian immigration.

State/Territory Nominations Include:

  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) – This is for nominated skilled workers to work and gets Australian Permanent residency. More than 90% of the visa applications are processed within 18 months.
  • Skilled Work Regional (provisional) Visa (Subclass 491) – This is for the nominated candidates by the state/territory government so they can get permanent residency and live in Australia and more than 90% of applicants get processed within 9 months.
  • There are some other ways too which can help the skilled workers to get migration to Australia includes Global Talent Visa (Subclass 858), Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189), skilled employer Sponsored Regional (provisional) Visa (subclass 494), T S S 482 visa and Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (Subclass 186).


Great news for offshore applicants applying for skilled nomination skilled visa (subclass 190) as they can seek permanent residency after the below-mentioned requirements:

Open for Offshore

There are some of the migration streams and policies which will allow the new talent and skilled migrants to the state. Subclass 190 is now open for offshore candidates having valid skills assessments and not living in Australia for the last 3 months.

Skilled occupations are open for offshore applications including:

  • 1342- Health and Welfare Service managers
  • 1332- Engineering managers
  • 2332- Civil engineering professionals
  • 1335- Production managers
  • 2334- Electronics engineers
  • 2333- Electrical Engineers
  • 2336- Mining Engineers
  • 2335- Industrial, production, and mechanical engineer
  • 2339- Engineering professionals (others)
  • 2633- Telecommunications engineering professionals
  • 2342- Food Scientists
  • 2525- Pharmacists
  • 2411- Pre-primary teachers
  • 2412- Primary school teachers
  • 2415- Secondary school teachers
  • 2541- Midwives
  • 2523- Dental practitioners
  • 2542- Nurse educators and researchers
  • 2543- Nurse Managers
  • 3111- Agricultural technicians
  • 2544- Registered nurses
  • Included all trade occupations except the cook, chef, and motor mechanic
Now, after getting the list of occupations for the state nomination subclass 190 visa, then chances to get more competitors offshore and it is not said that the process will be faster or any changes in the process than earlier. You can still, book an appointment with registered migration agents and lawyers in Australia. They will guide you with the assessment of eligibility.

What Are The Changes In Requirements

This is favorable news for offshore skilled migrants to seek permanent visas. As per the recent changes, now for some occupations, there is a change in years of experience as for some it should be up to 3 years. List of such occupations includes Finance and Accounting, Hospitability and IT related and trading occupations. Given is the list of occupations now required to have at least 3 years of experience:

  • 2211- Accountants
  • 2212- Auditors
  • 1411- Café and Restaurant Managers
  • 2631- Computer Network practitioners
  • 2621- Database and system administrators, ICT security specialist
  • 1413-Hotel and Motel managers
  • 1351- ICT managers
  • 2611- ICT business and systems analysts
  • 2632- ICT support and test engineers
  • 1399- Other specialist managers
  • 2613- Software and applications programmers
  • It includes the entire trade occupations
Steps To Follow For Securing The State Nomination For Subclass 190
  1. Book an appointment with the registered migration agent and check your eligibility for the subclass 190 Australian visa.
  2. Make sure you meet the required eligibility criteria.
  3. A complete profile in skill selection.
  4. Gets the invitation to apply.
  5. Fill the application in the next 14 days for seeking nomination by state.
  6. Combine the paperwork by submitting proofs for EOI claimed points along with your current residential address.

Note –  You must justify the points gathered in the Skill Select EOI because if you are not able to do that then your application can be rejected. Also, make sure you confirm your eligibility to claim the points mentioned. You can only claim points for skilled employment for those you are eligible.

Conclusion – You want to work in Australia and are seeking permanent residency then it is good news for you that Australia has offered opportunities for offshore applicants applying for the skilled nominated visa (Subclass 190). You can check your eligibility and criteria to follow with Education Embassy. We are MARA registered migrant agents in Brisbane. We have helped many applicants seeking permanent residency or other visas to be in Australia. You can contact us today with your query and one of the highly qualified team members will guide you with the best process to get your way to seek a visa for Australia. Contact Us Today!

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