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New Immigration Changes Rollout in 2019 – 2020 Australia

New Immigration Changes Rollout in 2019 – 2020 Australia

Education Embassy Brisbane: If you want to migrate to some foreign country, then it is a desirable aspect to hire the services of an immigration expert. Migration Agents in Brisbane help you reach the country of your dreams. We know that Australia is one of the most favored destinations for immigration as it has a blend of benefits that just can’t be ignored. Hiring an agent Although it is not compulsory to hire an immigration consultant, it will prove to be very beneficial to you. You need to know the different categories of visa options available for you. You will also need assistance in analyzing the category you choose and get detailed information about the provisions that each category offers. Significant changes Various categories have undergone some significant changes. They are mentioned below- Business visa –Earlier there was a need to prove your investment to get a business visa for Australia. Now, the rule has changed and you will get a visa if you have a worthy business plan. You need to worry about your funds in that case. You will be allowed to stay for 3 years in the country with your family on a business visa. Family violence bill –This bill has brought about a great change in the visa application processing for the spouse of immigrants in Australia. It reaches out to the spouses and other dependents to be protected from the sponsors if they are violent. It is for this reason that the immigration services assess the character and the history of the sponsor and spouse and the children if they are there. So it will require a longer processing time if you intend to bring your spouse or child with you. Parent visa: There are new introductions for the immigrants who want to take care of their parents while living in Australia. You can call your parents while you are working in Australia by getting a parent visa for them. They can stay with you for a maximum of five years period after which you can get the visa renewed for ten years. You might be caught unawares about many changes in the laws if you are not in touch with an immigration agent. So it is better that you hire a consultant who can guide you according to the changes. Before the selection– You must always consider the success ratio of the immigration expert before selecting him. The agent must be highly experienced and have a good reputation. The number of applications he processes and the number of applications that are granted the visa is a great way to determine his success ratio. You must opt for an expert who has a proven track record. Don’t opt for one who has a few applications and boasts of a high success ratio.

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