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Minimum Wage Earner in Australia Will Receive 5.2% Raise as Per Fair Work Commission

Minimum Wage Earner in Australia Will Receive 5.2% Raise as Per Fair Work Commission

Minimum Wage Earner in Australia

The fair work commission announces concern about the Australian Minimum wage that there will be a rise in the minimum wage of 5.2% or that the $40 a week will take to $812.60 in a week or $21.38 an hour. The announcement was made after publishing the Annual Wage review 2021-22. There are two major updates in the rules executed after the announcement, and they are:

  • The National Minimum Wage will be increased by AUD 40 per week with an increase of about 5.2 %.
  • The minimum award wages are increased by 4.6 %. An increment in the wages is subject to a lease increase of AUD40 per week for award classifications. The wages are based on the 38-hour week for a full-time worker.
  • Important Points to Consider About the Minimum Wage Increment

    These are the recent announcements made. You can note that down for the reactions:

  • The Fair Work Commission announced the increment of 5.2% in the minimum wage.
  • The minimum wage will be changed to $1.05 an hour, previously it was $20.33 basic, and now it has increased to $21.38 an hour.
  • The change will be applicable from the July 1.
  • Workers on award rates will get the increment of about 4.6% and gets the minimum $40 weekly increment, or the workers on award rates below the $869.60 weekly.
  • Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia has welcomed today’s decision.
  • Head of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Sally McManus accepts the FWC’s decision favoring wage workers.
  • The Australian Chamber of Commerce thinks this is a pressure-making decision for the business.
  • Understanding the Award Minimum Wages

    Awards (modern Awards) are the legal documents that describe the minimum payable rates and conditions applicable for employment.
    Fair Work Commission – Awards are applicable for the employers and employees who are based in the industry and are employed in and as the type of job working in. Awards include information about the coverage of the person. The award number is based on the job employees work for. An award is a legal document that includes the terms and conditions to which an employer and employee agree. The information includes the wage stipulations too.
  • Awards do not apply to the employee who is getting higher pay and types of these employees include:
  • Who has written acceptance of the guarantee of annual earnings.
  • It will offer the guarantee that the person will receive annual wages increasing the high-income threshold. Higher-income is updated annually.
  • With recent updates by the Fair Work Commission, the rate of increase announced was lesser for the award job pay compared to the national minimum wage Australia pays.
  • About The National Minimum Wages in Australia

    The national minimum wages apply to the employees who are not covered by the registered agreement or an award. The minimum pay rate is fixed by the Fair Work Act 2009, and the rate is subject to the annual review. The employees who are covered by the registered agreement or award are eligible to get the minimum pay rates. The set also includes the allowances and the penalty rates in the agreement or award. So, getting higher pages than the National Minimum wage is applicable in this case.

    Getting Higher Pay In Australia Applicable For Foreign Workers

    With the changes made for the pay hikes, the minimum wage of 5.2% is announced by the Australian Fair Commission, and so the wage earners will get the increment in the pay they are receiving earlier. There is a significant group of workers or migrants who get the hike. According to the changes, now, the increment rate is doubled, so the award pay in 2021. Employees who get paid the lowest will receive $21.38 per hour applicable from July 1, 2022. It is a huge decision that will impact more than 2 million workers in the country.

    Many people and their jobs were affected during the COVID- 19 pandemic. These workers deserved to get paid more, and this decision go in their favor. It is an impactful decision for the well-being of the minimum wage earners in Australia.


    Working in Australia is overwhelming. It will allow you to experience the scenic beauty, explore different cultures, and get paid well at the same time. COVID hit harder to the lives and affected the earnings of the people. With this decision, the minimum wage earners in Australia will get paid higher. Education Embassy is a leading migration agent in Brisbane, Australia. We have successfully handled visa applications for the candidates looking for a partner visa, work visa, student visa, skilled workers visa, and many more. You will receive the important information when planning to migrate and work in Australia. For more information, contact us today!

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