Do you want to know about the Migration program planning levels?

Do you want to know about the Migration program planning levels?

Migration Program planning levels 2020

Education Embassy Brisbane: Are you thinking to move to Australia? If yes, then it is not so easy to do, you have to keep several things in your mind to choose the visa option for you and your family too. This only possible with the help of migration agents in Brisbane.

Only migration agents can help you find the right visa category for you according to your education, experience, and age too. 

Let’s have a look at the migration program for Australia.

The Migration program of Australia is designed to deliver a variety of economic and social results. The program is set annually, with a ceiling of 160,000 for 2019-20 cap on the total available places. The total program split into the following streams:

Skills: This is specially designed to enhance the economy’s productive capacity and fill the labor market’s skill shortages, especially in regional Australia. Most of the program places are in the Skill category such as 108,682 places in 2019-20, 69.5 percent of the class. You can get proper and detailed information about this from migration agent or immigration too. You can apply under this category only after learning the importance of this skill category. 

Family: This category is specially designed for those who want to apply under the partner visas, and who want to invite their family members to Australia from other nations too. This category is too beneficial which offers you pathways to permanent residency as well as the citizenship of Australia. These are 47,732 places in 2019-20, 30.5 percent of the program. 

Special Eligibility: This category is designed for those who are in special circumstances. With this category, you will be able to get permanent residency in Australia, so you can also apply under this planning program. This is the smallest stream of 236 places in 2019-20.

2019-20 Migration program planning levels

Stream and Category


Skill stream

Employer Sponsored


Skilled Independent




Skilled Employer Sponsored


Skilled Work Regional


State/Territory Nominated


Business Innovation & Investment program


Global Talent


Distinguished Talent


Skill Total


Family Stream





Other Family


Family Total


Special Eligibility






Program size and composition

You may not know that the size, as well as the composition of the Migration program, is set annually by the Budget process of the Australian Government. It is informed after broad public consultations with governments of the states and territories, business and community groups, and with the wider public. Public opinions, projections of economy and labor force, foreign studies, net migration abroad and economic and fiscal modeling all are considered when migration program is planned.

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