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Everything you need to know about the migration process from India to Australia

Everything you need to know about the migration process from India to Australia

Australia has always been the top destination for immigrants specifically among Indians. From having a diverse economy to the best employment options, Australia has everything the person needs to have a fulfilling and happy life. The most common question in the mind of applicants is regarding the migration process from India to Australia. With the diverse economy promising employment opportunities, Australia has everything for everyone. In case you are planning to migrate to Australia, then it is important to consult the migration agents in Brisbane. This is important because they can suggest the best possible option and entire process which needs to be completed on time. The detailed process of Australian Migration Australia follows a Point-based system and people who want to migrate to Australia need to score at least 60 Australia PR points to qualify for the Australian visa. The point-based system is referred to as SkillSelect which allows the individuals interested in moving to Australia. Additionally, the entire visa process can be divided into different categories which are based on the immigration type you want. The visa categories are mentioned below:
  • Permanent Residency
  • Working Visa
  • Visit Visa
  • Study Visa
  • Business Visas
The visa programs are designed to make the visa process much better and cost-effective. With this option, the process of getting a visa is fast and comprehensive. How to Get Australia Immigration from India? Australian migration program is well-known for giving the migrants the best option. The country has set a specific process for migration so that everyone can get the success chances with the visa they have applied for. Below are the steps for migration to Australia from India:
  • Get the IELTS Certification done by getting the required scores
  • The designated Australian assessment body completes the Skill Assessment process. This step is important to get your educational credentials assessed
  • In case of sponsored or nominated.
Get the sponsorship or nomination from a state or territory government, in case you are applying from state or nominated visa categories.
  • Select the occupation which you want to pursue in Australia from the SOL.
  • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) online which shows that you are interested to apply for Australian Immigration.
  • If the file gets selected, then you will be given further information on how you need to proceed.
  • The applicants applying need to have a minimum score of 60 points which are based on different factors like work experience, education, age, and English proficiency.
  • It is important to have a clear medical history and the applicant should have a good character certificate and police clearance.

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