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Australia is among the top destinations in the world for visitors. People come here for a variety of reasons – tourism, study, work, or making a new life. Whether you are visiting Australia temporarily or looking to migrate to Australia, you need to apply for a visa under the relevant category. An immigration consultancy or a registered best migration agent in Port Macquarie can help you choose and apply under the right category out of the 100+ visa categories and subclasses. Education Embassy is the leading immigration consultancy of Australia that has helped hundreds of visa seekers over the years. Our best migration agents and immigration lawyers can assist applicants with their visa and PR applications under any subclasses.

How to apply for an Australian visa?

The most important step is understanding the Australian visa requirements and applying under the right category with all the supporting documents. These are the most frequently applied visa categories:

Skilled worker visa:

You can apply either with your employer’s sponsorship or independently based on the skills and their inclusion in the approved Skilled Occupation List. This type of visa gives you the right to live and work in Australia and later apply for a permanent residency or PR.

Business & investor visa:

This type of visa category should be used if you are planning to set up a new venture or take over an existing business enterprise in Australia. If you are planning to invest in Australia, you can apply for an investor visa. As this is a specialised category of visa that requires additional documents and meeting all conditions, you may wish to take the services of a registered migration agent in Port Macquarie, who can guide you properly on this.

Family visa (Partner):

An applicant can apply for a partner visa if their spouse or de-facto partner is an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen living in Australia. The spouse or de-facto partner needs to sponsor the applicant.

Family visa (Parent):

In the parent visa, the applicant needs to have an eligible child in Australia who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand resident. The applicant is usually sponsored by the child if the latter is above 18 years of age.

Student visa:

If you have obtained admission to any of the recognised educational institutions in Australia, you can take the help of a student visa migration agent in Port Macquarie to apply for a student visa. You need to attach details of how you or your family plan to pay for your cost of education and living in Australia.

Visa through the DAMA framework:

The employer hiring needs to be working in a regional territory of Australia and enter into a DAMA labour agreement. After which, the employer can sponsor skilled and semi-skilled workers under the visa programs – Subclass 484, 492 or 186. This cannot be applied directly by the individual and the employee needs to work and live in the territory mentioned in the visa for the entire duration of the visa. Any violation of this can lead to visa termination. This type of visa is incentivised by a PR in due course.

How does an immigration agent help you?

You can find almost all details regarding the Australian visa and the method of applying online on the government’s website. However, it takes a huge amount of time and skill to go through all the relevant pages and you can still not be sure if you have found the relevant information. The advantage of taking the services of immigration agents is that they are knowledgeable and well versed with all aspects of the visa application process and the immigration laws. They can guide you not just with eligibility and the different visa types and subclasses but also the supporting documents, financial eligibility, medical & character tests and other requirements.
Your visa or PR application must be complete in every aspect to ensure that it is not declined on account of non-compliance. A professional & registered migration agent thus makes the entire process of applying for a visa or PR a stress-free experience for you. A professional migration agent is also registered with the Australian Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority and has a MARA number that can be cross-checked. A licenced agent is thus bound by the ethics and code of conduct of Migration Agents Registration Authority and provides you with the correct advice and never overpromises or overcharges.

Why Choose Us?

Here are a few reasons our clients from around the world trust Education Embassy: ● Experienced visa professionals ● Honest and affordable services ● Guaranteed results ● Multi-lingual ● Certified & licensedThe easiest way to apply for a visa or PR for Australia is to take the help of experts. Education Embassy is the leading visa consultancy in Australia. Our PR & migration agents in Port Macquarie are experts who are well-versed with all rules, regulations, and requirements for applying for a visa. Speak to our multilingual PR & immigration agents in Port Macquarie on 0474 600 600 and they can guide you through the entire process of applying for a visa in Australia.

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