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Australia is a dream destination for most people. Every year, thousands of new migrants are granted temporary or permanent visas to live and work in Australia. You could also apply for a visa in the category relevant to you to get a chance to live in one of the most developed countries in the world that offers one of the highest standards of living. Since many people find the process of applying for a visa daunting, it helps to take the services of a registered migration & immigration agent in Cairns for visa assistance.

Why migrate to Australia?

Australia is a preferred destination for immigrants as it has an open and friendly culture and is welcoming to immigrants.
These are some reasons migration to Australia is popular with people:
High standard of living: Australia offers one of the highest standards of living in the developed countries. It offers wide-open spaces, a low density of population, and a clean environment. This makes it an attractive country for migration for people from around the world.
Immigrant-friendly: Australia is a country built by immigrants and has an immigrant-friendly culture. Immigrants are seen as contributors to the building of the nation as they bring skills, knowledge, or investment that helps Australia grow as a nation. This is part of the appeal of Australia to immigrants.
Multicultural & multilingual society: Australia is a melting pot of people of different cultures and racial backgrounds. This helps make Australia a multi-cultural & multilingual society that helps new immigrants in becoming an integral part of society.

What are the different categories of migrations?

1. Skilled:

You have the skills that are required by the employer. The employer or business enterprise provides sponsorship for a visa that comes with work permission.

2. Partner:

You are eligible to apply for the partner category visa if your spouse or de-facto partner is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident or an eligible citizen of New Zealand living in Australia. This is one of the sought-after visa categories as it allows you to live with your loved one and gets you a work permit. You can either apply while overseas or if you are in Australia, you can obtain a bridging visa until your partner visa application is processed. As there are various aspects and conditions that need to be met, you may wish to take the services of a professional migration agent in Cairns before applying for a partner visa.

3. Family:

As the name suggests, a family visa is issued to the relatives of an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. Its purpose is to unite the families and is one of the most common and widely issued visa categories. You may wish to take the services of an immigration agent in Cairns to ensure that all requirements are met to obtain a family visa.

4. Student:

Every year, thousands of students are issued a visa to come and study in the world-class universities of Australia. An education advisor and student visa migration agent in Cairns is a qualified professional that can help you complete all formalities to apply and obtain a student visa.

5. Worker:

If you are a skilled worker, you can obtain a work visa with the sponsorship of your employer. This requires you to complete various forms and all paperwork as per the requirement of the Australian immigration laws. It is helpful to take the advice and assistance of a registered migration agent in Cairns to ensure that the forms are filled properly, and all conditions of the visa application are met.

6. Business owner:

If you are a business owner looking to hire skilled workers from other countries, you need to get the workers’ visa issued with your sponsorship. This requires a detailed understanding of the immigration law and filling the application correctly so that it processes smoothly. If you are not well versed with immigration law, take the professional advice of a registered migration agent in Cairns for this.

How Can a Migration Agent Help You?

Most people find the entire process of applying and obtaining an Australian visa cumbersome and complicated – be it for study, work, or reuniting with the family. The application for a PR or permanent residency in Australia also requires all parameters, pre-conditions, and eligibility criteria to be met. As a visa applicant or a PR applicant, you cannot afford to make mistakes that may lead to a visa or PR application rejection.
The task of the immigration office of Australia is also made easy when the applicants take the professional advice of a registered migration agent in Cairns who is well versed with the immigration law and can help complete the application in all respects while applying.
A migration agent plays the role of an advisor & facilitator for a visa applicant and helps all eligible applicants obtain a visa or PR according to the applicable law.

Why choose us?

Here are a few reasons our clients from around the world trust Education Embassy:
  • Experienced visa professionals
  • Honest and affordable services
  • Guaranteed results
  • Multi-lingual
  • Certified & licensed
The easiest way to apply for a visa or PR for Australia is to take the help of experts. Education Embassy is the leading visa service provider in Australia. Our PR & migration agents in Cairns are experts and are well-versed with all rules, regulations, and requirements for applying for a visa.
Speak to our multilingual PR & immigration agents in Cairns on 0474 600 600 or Email and they can guide you through the entire process of applying for a visa in Australia.

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