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Migration Agents Registration Authority: Why do charges of a migration agent vary?

Migration Agents Registration Authority: Why do charges of a migration agent vary?

If you are planning to migrate to Australia, then you need to get help from migration agents in Brisbane. But make sure, you talk to them about fees in advance, so that you can reduce the risk of unnecessary stress. 

Why do fees of migration agents vary?

If you choose the registered migration agents, then the visa and agent charges must be reasonable and fair. Your migration agent will set his fees according to circumstances include-:

  • According to your visa application type, if you are applying for skilled visas, then you may need to pay a little more.

  • Another factor that matters a lot is an experience as well as the qualification of the agent. If a migration agent has a great deal of experience, then he may charge you little more as compared to a less experienced agent.

  • The amount of time needed to plan your visa application. Many visa applications take much time as compared to others to plan and prepare documents.

  • What service level you need

  • Whether you need professional support, or whether you have complicated circumstances. For example, if you have dependents on your application your agent could charge more.

  • The success rate of your agent also matters a lot, if he is well-known and has a high success rate, then you have to pay little more than others.

To get knowledge about certain things or to assure you about the fees, you need to visit or discuss with 2 to 3 agents. You must talk to them about their services, fees, and other things that they are offering to their clients.

Initial consultation fees

Once you sign a formal service agreement with them, several agents will meet with you in person or by phone to provide general information and answer your questions. It is a formal consultation. Some agents are doing this for free and some have fees for the service. Those who charge will inform you in writing how much you will pay in advance of your meeting.

Agreement for Services and Fees

Your agent will provide you with a Services and Payment Agreement before you start work. That must be in writing if you accept any financial terms. The Agreement for services and fees must include:

  • A list of the activities the agent is to provide to his client.

  • Service fees, whether paid per hour or item.

  • Disbursements mean an amount paid on your behalf by the agent, such as a visa application fee.

Make sure, you do not pay fees until you have read and understood the conditions of the agreement for services that are provided by your agent.

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