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Why Choose MARA Registered Migration Consultant to get Australian Visa

Why Choose MARA Registered Migration Consultant to get Australian Visa

Assistance throughout the process

Migration consultants will help you choose the right visa according to the individual circumstances and help you throughout the application processing. Without taking the help of the professionals it might lead to some issues. The migration agents registered under MARA has the duty to ensure that all the applications sent to the government of Australia have the best approval chances. In case any MARA registered agent submits the application which is poor as there license is in danger.This is the reason we suggest that you take the help of the best Migration Agents in Brisbane for up to date information regarding various like Parent visa, student visa, or any other type.

What is MARA?

The migration agent in Australia is registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) office. If they are not registered then they are not allowed to charge a fee for application submission as they will be breaking the law. So, whether you are looking for a migration agent in Australia or somewhere else then you should look for MARA registered consultant.

What will be the cost of a Migration Agent?

On the MARA website, there is proper guidance related to the fees. The cost of the visa application will also be according to the visa you have opted for.

Government fees

For the visa, you selected there is a need to pay the fees to the Australian government. The agent will let you know in detail what needs to be done and in what manner.Keep in mind if by chance for application is not selected or denied then government fees are not refundable, which you will lose the money. This is the reason we always recommend our clients to lodge the application through a MARA registered consultant as risk level is reduced a lot.

MARA Consultant: Payments in advance

At times, the migration agent selects the fees in a large amount before even looking at your details and this is not the right way.In other cases, there is a free assessment which is an automated process to calculate the points by getting basic details. If the score is ideal then advance money is asked but you need to be cautious about this.The ideal choice is to pay only 20 to 40 percent in advance. They will let you in detail about the visa you can qualify and about the entire process.In case the agent fells you are not qualified then they will let you know what can be done to improve the success chances so that you get higher points.


In case you take help from google then do not pay the fees immediately as they are many people who have got disappointment like this. Make sure that you consult them in detail and check they are registered to provide the service.

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