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List Of Top Occupations Getting Preference for Australian Immigration 2022

List Of Top Occupations Getting Preference for Australian Immigration 2022

Australian Immigration 2022

The last two year has hit hard the world’s economy and many living, lifestyle, and job priorities have changed due to the pandemic. Still, the pandemic was not successful to daunt the hopes of skilled professionals having the dream to work and stay in Australia. There are about 200 occupations are listed with updates by the DHA (Department of Home Affairs). Getting Australian immigration is a point based and once you get the higher points the chances of getting Australian immigration become higher.

Before understanding the process, check the list of occupations having demand in 2022. The matter of fact says that these occupations have a higher ceiling with cut-off scores. Candidates who scored higher points on table gets the invitation for state nomination in Australia. So, professionals from different fields like accounting, IT (information technology), social work, engineering and trade occupations need to get better scores. In the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) for 2022, a list of occupations is provided, each of which includes its own set of pre-application procedures for general skilled migration visas. Here is the list of top occupations you should be aware about.

Occupations In Demand in Australia 2022

Here is the list of top 10 occupations for Australia in 2022 that are mainly preferred. Job seekers can figure out details about them and to qualify for same have to pass the skills for the particular job. Check the list ad find the best matched as per your requirements:

Finance And Accounting

Skilled candidates of finance and accounting are higher in demand in Australia and gets the better opportunities in 2022. You need to qualify the accountant position and it will give you training earlier and experience about bookkeeping and payroll. Employer opportunities for finance and accounting professionals are also available as they can work as the financial consultants and analysts in different sectors and companies.


In Australia, there is a great need for teachers. Candidates with secondary education teacher then the demand is even higher. To work as the teaching professional, you need to undergo training and must have prior experience for the job. You can teach mathematics are language and to grab the job opportunity, ensure you have a strong resume highlighting your skills that strengthens the chances to be the teacher in Australia.

Customer Service Skills

This job is considering the high priority and extremely in demand if you are a skilled professional. You can be from IT firm, retail establishment or to any other professional. Candidates having the wonderful communication skills are higher in demand in each field.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers offered higher priority in Australia 2022. Make sure you have the skills for the job. A civil engineer in Australia required to have the sound knowledge of physics and mathematics that you can use for the betterment of organization and enhancement of management skills. Having these skills ensures you with a job in profession.

Electrical Engineers

Another high demand engineering skills is job for the electrical engineers. A candidate having knowledge and skills about operating and building computer systems, then electrical engineer is the job for you in Australia. If you have skills to deign circuits then it will be plus point. You an choose the different job vacancies in Australia with the certificates and up to date license as the electrical engineer.

Project Management Skills

The candidates having the right skills to run a business gets better job opportunities in Australia. Make sure you have skills to complete a project under budget and on time to prove your project management skills. Along with skills, you must possess the industry specific skills and knowledge. Your management and communication skills make you get the job as project manager.

Nursing Skills

Another in-demand profession that will encourage people to remain, work, and immigrate to Australia is nursing. Make sure you have required nursing skills to get nursing job. With each passing day, the demand of experienced and skilled nurses is growing in Australia and number has increased dramatically during and after pandemic especially. So, with right skills and training and experience you can land a job.

Mental Healthcare

Physical health is important so as the mental health and getting a job in profession can prove a great career option for you. A psychologist is high in demand in Australia so before applying for the job, ensure you must have the right skills suitable to the job. Many individuals are dealing with the impact of pandemic even after recovering from the situation. With your skills to support the mental health wellness, counselling, crisis managements you can get a job in specific mental healthcare occupation.

Sales Occupation

Many businesses in Australia are in search of the dedicated and talented experienced sales associates. A person with sound communication sills having ability to describe an issue very well, then you are the one will definitely get a job. You must have knowledge of the products and services in order to succeed in sales.

Software Development Skills

Software developers are not just in Australia but are high in demand professionals all around the world. Your programming language and software skills makes you work well with the team and finish the work under deadlines. There are at of marketing agencies and tech companies looking f or such professional having skills in software development. If you are one form them then don’t wait more because a better career, lifestyle and future is waiting for you in Australia.

Getting a job in Australia in 2022 has become easier for the candidates matched with the above-mentioned skills. Check the list and get the most suitable job in Australia. Stay tuned to the Education Embassy and get the information, advice and assistance for the occupation list, invitation rounds and visa consultancy. We are leading registered migration agents in Brisbane Australia.

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