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Are you wondering to know about DAMA working visa in Australia?

Are you wondering to know about DAMA working visa in Australia?

Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA): Millions of people are struggling to get a working visa in Australia, but they are unable to get a visa. This happens due to lack of knowledge related to working visa. Well, there is the most popular working visa such as DAMA working visa.

What is DAMA?

DAMA is known as the Designated Area Migration Agreement working Visa. DAMA Visa is specially designed to sponsor the semi-skilled and skilled workers from overseas for vacancies which they are unable to fill with Australian workers. 

If you are struggling to get a work permit in Australia, you need to visit the migration agents in Brisbane. In order to get detailed information about DAMA visa, you must talk to a visa consultant in Brisbane.

You can apply for a working visa under the category of TSS 482 and the 186 visas. These visa types are valuable to get a work visa and allows employers to sponsor migrant in Australia. You may not know that even your profession is not involved in the Short-term Skilled Occupation List & Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List, then you can simply apply under DAMA visa type. Before applying under this visa category, you need to understand who is eligible for this DAMA visa type.

Who are eligible for DAMA Visa?

Well, this visa type is open in the northern and southern region, in order to fill vacant positions that are unable to fill with Australian workers. The main focus of this DAMA visa is on regional business so that the government can grow those businesses. Moreover, people who are eligible for this visa type include-:

  • People who are skilled, semi-skilled and who want to live and work in the regional areas in Australia.

  • This visa type is valuable for Regional Australian businesses who are unable to fill the vacant positions in their businesses with Australian workers. Once you apply under this category, you will surely be eligible for permanent residency as well over time.

In order to apply under this visa application, you need to understand the requirement criteria of this visa type.

Requirements of DAMA Visa type

Well, the requirements of this visa type are different for Northern Territory and southern regions as well.

There are some visa requirements you have to fulfill include-:

  • You have to show evidence of the business, that is operating in the Northern Territory such as a lease agreement, invoices from suppliers or customers, and business capability statement.

  • You must show the Job descriptions for each requested position such as copies of at least two job advertisements in a newspaper or company website as well. It is necessary to give evidence to prove the vacant positions, that have been advertised for 30 consecutive days. You can also take a screenshot of that advertisement or show us receipts of that advertisement.

  • You have to clear the language proficiency test such as IELTS. It is necessary to get 5 bands in writing and reading, and 5.5 in listening and there is no such limit of speaking module.

  • You have to show your work experience in your Country so that the employer can hire you.

If you are unable to apply under work visa you must get help from the professionals because they have vast knowledge about everything about DAMA visa.

Which territories Use DAMA Visa?

Well, currently there are two territories use this DAMA visa such as Northern Territory Designated Area Migration and South Australia. In addition to this, the Great south coast will soon have the DAMA visa, that includes the Warrnambool area of Victoria. In the coming years, more areas will be added like Pilbara, Orana region of NSW, and the Kalgoorlie-Boulder regions in WA.

General criteria of DAMA visa

Well, there are 4 steps of the application process of this DAMA visa. These steps are explained below-:

  • An employer or the business which is sponsoring you need to apply under designated area body such as DBTI in order to endorse the business in the labor agreement.

  • Business, who is sponsoring you, also need to apply to the Department of Home Affairs and get permission for sponsorship. And an employer also has to prove that he is unable to find a suitable candidate for this vacant position in Australia.

  • The sponsored worker need to apply under the labor agreement for TSS visa type.

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