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Do you want to know about IT occupations visas and requirements in Australia?

Do you want to know about IT occupations visas and requirements in Australia?

Millions of people are migrating to Australia for a better future and a quality living standard. If you are also thinking of migrating to Australia, then you need to get proper knowledge about jobs and profession which is on the peak in Australia. According to the migration agents in Brisbane, IT occupations are on the peak these days in Australia. 

Computing Professionals

In this article, you will get information about the IT occupation visas in Australia. Let’s have a look.

Eligibility requirements for IT occupation visas


  • For information technologists-: You need to do a three-year Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or college. It is necessary to study information technology subjects from an Australian or equivalent university.

  • Or you need to study an AQF Advanced Diploma or equivalent diploma and, you need to work for 4 years in the relevant field.


  • Registration is not necessary for IT professionals.

  • If you are a Member of the Australian Computer Society (ACS), it will increase your chances of getting a visa.

Skill levels for visa

  • Full professional members of the Australian Computer Society.

You must be a member of ACS, also need to provide any evidence to prove that you are a legal member of this society.

  • You also need to show that you have a Full professional membership of-:

  1. The British Computer Society

  2. Hong Kong Computer Society

  3. New Zealand Computer Society

  4. Singapore Computer Society for migration purposes.

Minimum requirements

  • To apply, you have to do an Australian Bachelor’s degree or Graduate Diploma with major subjects in information technology.

  • If you are studying overseas, then your qualification must be the same as an Australian Bachelor’s degree or Graduate Diploma.

  • And you need to show 48 months of experience in a relevant field.

Examples of relevant field

  • Business (Information Systems)

  • Applied Science (Computing)

  • Software Engineering

  • Computer Science Engineering

  • Applied Science (Computer Science)

  • Business (Electronic Data Processing) (old)

  • Business (Data Processing) (old)

  • Computer Science

  • Information

  • Applied Science (Information Systems)

  • Information Systems

  • Management Information Systems

  • Information Technology


  • Associate grade or member of the Australian Computer Society (AACS).

For this, you need to fulfill the below-mentioned requirements.

  • You must study an Australian AQF Diploma or Australian AQF Advanced Diploma.

  • Or you must complete your study in below-mentioned subjects-:

  1. Business (Information Technology)

  2. Computing

  3. Computing (Network Systems)

  4. Computer Science

  5. Computing (Microcomputing)

  6. Applied Science (Computer Science)

  7. Information Technology

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