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Is it true that a migration agent can be held responsible for the lodging Australian visa?

Is it true that a migration agent can be held responsible for the lodging Australian visa?

Australia entered the 28th year of conservative economic growth which helps everyone to get opportunities in different fields which makes it the best destination for migration in the world. In the year 2018, there has been an estimate that 7.3 migrants are living in Australia.When you are planning to apply for the visa you should hire the best team of migration agents in Brisbane. The need for a Migration programThe Migration program is to support the labor, shape society, and build the economy. The migration program changes periodically and it has evolved a lot because it includes family migrants and skilled migrants.The total number of migrants to Australia is increasing with time and to make sure everything goes in order ‘Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority’ is there to make sure every individual gets the desired information. All this is possible with the help of migration agents.A registered migration agent is bound by the Code of Conduct which needs to be followed legally. The individuals interested in being migration agents need to pass accredited courses by OMARA.All this law and order makes it easier for the applicants to stay away from the migration agents who are fraud and give them dodgy service. Consulting the best migration agent will increase your chances to get the visa on time and their assistance will help you do everything correctly.How can I make sure the migration agent is registered with OMARA?
  • Check his or her seven digits agent’s registration number.
  • Browse the MARA website and click on the search for an agent.
  • Enter the agent’s credentials including their one-off Migration Agent’s Registration Number.
A registered is answerable for all the work he does and he needs to abide by the laws and regulations. An agent is bound by:
  • Australian Consumer Protection Law
  • Australian Crimes Act of 1914
  • Code of Conduct as specified in the migration act 1998
  • Criminal Code Act of 1995
  • Migration Regulations 1994
  • The Trade Practices Act 1974
Many incidents have happened when a person hires an inexperienced migration agent. Neither can you get the visa on time and the pathway to permanent residency is also not possible. A registered agent is required by law:
  • To stick to the criterion in the Code of Conduct.
  • To give you a contract for facilities and charges before starting the process. This settlement should give an understanding of costs which includes the agent’s official charge.
  • Make sure you are informed about the progress about the visa application and make you aware of the application results in writing.
  • To give you an honest opinion on receiving a visa.
  • To give you an invoice for the work they have done.
  • Maintains the client record for 7 years.
  • To manage your money in a separate account till the time services are given and conduct timely audits.

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