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Is it still necessary to get an Australian visa if I am married to an Australian?

Is it still necessary to get an Australian visa if I am married to an Australian?

Many times, applicants ask migration agent “If they are married to an Australian do they still need to get the visa and even if they have a marriage certificate?” Well, yes you still need to get the visa even if your partner is an Australian citizen. You must apply for a visa to visit your partner.What visa type you can apply for?
  • This requirement is going to depend on the country of origin as it is going to determine the type of visa you will need to visit your Spouse. It might be possible that you can apply for a visitor visa, ETA (Electronic Travel Authority), and eVisitor visa. It is important to keep in mind with every visa type the requirement and processing time will be different.
  • The best part is that you can visit Australia and it is your choice what you need to do while you there. You can look through different places and explore the different beautiful sites there. Get to know about the culture and local community so that when you visit there you are familiar with certain things.
It can be quite confusing to know about the entire process, so make sure you seek the help of our Migration Agents in Brisbane. They will let you know about the different visa types and the various PR options in Australia which can benefit you according to your situation.What is the eligibility for a partner visa?The eligibility of a partner visa needs you to be married to an Australian citizen. With this visa, the partner can sponsor you for 2 years. If your relationship is genuine and continues then you may be eligible for permanent residency.The requirement of partner visaWhen the application is being applied then from outside Australia then it is essential that you are legally married before the decision on a temporary partner visa is taken. There are other requirements also:
  • You need to give the proof you are legally married and mutual commitment evidence.
  • It is essential that the applicants fulfill all the character and health requirements.
Temporary partner visaWith the temporary partner visa, you have the permission to:
  • You can travel to and from Australia till the time the decision is taken on the permanent residency.
  • You can also work in Australia.
Permanent Partner VisaIf the application is lodged in Australia, then you need to be present there when the visa is granted. In most cases, when you lodge the application is less than 2 years the PR cannot be granted. But yes if you fulfill all the requirements properly then it might be possible permanent visa is granted to you.Take the help of the ProfessionalsNo doubt, doing things on your own might be confusing and stressful. In that case, it is essential that you seek help from the migration agents as they know the entire application process which will help you go through the entire process easily.

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