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International student expelled from Australia over child pornography

International student expelled from Australia over child pornography

An international student, hailing from Pakistan was sent to immigration confinement on Christmas eve after finding child exploitation material on his cell phone. The student was deported the very next day.An international student arriving from the United Arab Emirates on Christmas Eve, found with exploitation material on his phone, has been banished by the Australian border force.The AFB officers stopped the student for a baggage examination where they scrutinised his mobile phone and allegedly found images of child exploitation.The Visa of this student was then cancelled following which he was expelled and eventually deported the next day.“This case highlighted the dedication of ABF officers to prevent child exploitation material from entering Australia”, said Craig Plamer, ABF regional commander.This is a serious matter and material like this has no place, and anyone who views, carries or distributes such nuisance should expect to forfeit their right to be in Australia.“A million of incoming and outgoing passengers are examined every single day by the highly trained airport’s officers,¬† our officials are all-time on the best lookout for goods of concern and individuals who pose a threat to the existing community”, commander¬† Palmer said.After the incident, commander Palmer took serious action and ensured proper character assessment in order to grant Visa to migrants without any such disputes.

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