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Recent news reveals that the number of Indian visitors is increasing with an online visa processing option

Recent news reveals that the number of Indian visitors is increasing with an online visa processing option

Yes, it is true that millions of people are moving to Australia these days. Some people are going there for a better future, higher studies, business, and as a tourist. However, some are still struggling to get a visa for Australia, because they don’t have proper knowledge about anything. In this case, they need to get help from migration agents in Brisbane, because they are the only who can assist you well according to your qualification and other credentials. After knowing everything in detail, you must try to lodge a visa application; otherwise the chances of rejection increase. To know about the visa option you need to know something else. These days, you can apply online if you want to apply under the tourist visa category. Is it possible to apply only under the tourist visa category?  According to Tourism Australia, the number of Indian tourists to Australia is projected to hit nearly half a million by 2025. About 300,000 Indians visited Australia in the year ended March 2018, the highest number of Indian tourists to Australia in a single year. It is a 20% rise relative to 2016, according to the new estimates published by Tourism Australia. This only happens due to the electronic visa screening system or Online visa option launched by the Australian Government for Indian tourists in July 2017. The extension of the electronic accommodation of Indian applicants is a significant move in handling the huge number of tourist visa applications received in India. Visa processing times are also quicker because all applications and accompanying documents are automatically accessible to the processing office. According to a migration agent, the majority of travelers apply online, because this option gives them quick results. The main part of this option is almost 70% of applications are processed in a record time of 10 days or less than two weeks. Whereas, in the past years, the tourist visa application took at least 45 to 50 days to process. And all the applicants had to personally go and apply the paperwork at the immigration office. However, these days, this can only be done within two weeks. So, if you are struggling to get a tourist visa to meet your friends or family members in Australia, then you must apply online. But if you are still in doubt, then you must visit our office once, because we have experts in this field. They will do everything and assist you with what certificates you need to attach to your application. Or you can also apply with the help of them because our office has a higher success rate. You only need to give us your certificates, rest is our work. And you can simply get rest at home because you will surely get a visa within 9 to 10 days after lodging an application.

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