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What are the important changes are made in partner visa by an Australian Immigration?

What are the important changes are made in partner visa by an Australian Immigration?

Education Embassy Brisbane: Well, there are several people who are struggling to get a partner visa. This only happens due to a lack of proper knowledge about the partner visa category. If you are one of them, then you have to talk to migration agents in Brisbane, they will give you proper knowledge about everything related to partner visa. You have to lodge a visa application only after fulfilling all the requirements. Otherwise, you will get a visa refusal, and it is too difficult to get a visa again.

Well, you may not know that there are several changes are made in a partner visa by the Department of Home Affairs. This visa type is beneficial for those who are married and are in a de facto relationship too. If you are legally married to an Australian Citizen, then are eligible to get the benefits of this visa class. Millions of people ask us what are the requirements they need to fulfill to get this visa. These are:

  • First of all, you have to prove that your marriage is genuine.

  • You also need to show several photos with your partner as well as of family gatherings with your friends and relatives.

  • You also have to show that you have a joint bank account to pay all the debts or bills too.

  • You also need to show your joint membership of clubs and other places too.

Only after fulfilling all the requirements you can lodge the application for a partner visa in Australia. Let’s have a look at the current process of partner visa in Australia.

The current process of partner visa.

To lodge an application, you have to fill an online form, show your identity documents, other necessary documents include education and evidence of the relationship. In addition to this, you also need sponsorship letter, police clearances, and certain other documents. You also need to fulfill medical care requirements, and then you will be able to get the visa. If immigration finds everything correct, then you will be able to get the benefits of this visa class.

The changes that are made by immigration in a partner visa.

If you are a partner visa and you only have a limited time period, then you have to apply for another visa type, otherwise, you have to leave the country. You have to depart to Australia until your application is not approved.

How the migration agent helps you to get the visa?

 He will help you to get a visa easily without any problem. Since he has a great deal of knowledge about everything such as requirements, necessary documents that are needed, processing time, and so on. That’s why you need to hire the agent and they also help you in smooth processing of visa application.

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