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Huge Percentage Of Visa Applications Fails- Don’t Make Your Failed

Huge Percentage Of Visa Applications Fails- Don’t Make Your Failed

Almost 30% of all Australian visa applications are lodged by candidates personally and most of them failed due to a lack of professional advice that you should take from a registered migration agent. A MARA registered agent in Australia helps to make you meet the criteria required for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection with their knowledge of the entire aspects of the visa application. If the visa application is invalid or refused then that must be due to not meeting the criteria for visa application.

How Do You Understand With Visa Rejection Or Refusal?

Visa refusal is a rejection of the visa appeal by the embassy or high commission for getting entrance to the country. When you get the visa rejected then provided the reasons for visa rejection ad so you can rectify these mistakes to be avoided for future visa applications. Sometimes a missing document, or not giving or missing vital information can also lead you to visa refusal.

What Are The Reasons For The Visa Rejection And Refusal?

Some of the common reasons for your visa refusal or rejections are given below so that you can check and not do that with your visa application.
  • Absence of Vital Information or Data Mismatched – Visa application is a complex process but if every section of the application is filled with apt information then chances are least to get a visa rejection. Make sure no section is left blank or has wrong information. Do follow the instruction given that will guide you with what you should do. Avoid doing spelling mistakes and or data mismatches as all of these can be the reason for visa refusal.
  • An incomplete Travel Program – One needs to provide the entire travel itinerary and incompletion of that can be the reason for the visa refusal. Your travel program needs to be included with the details of the travel plans like flight or other transport tickets, when and where you are planning to come, including states and countries, and hotel booking receipts.
  • Rules And Documentation Of Visa Process Violation – The immigration department have strict rules to be set for the visa approval and the documentation process. In case, there is wrong or no information provided as per the guidelines or rules, then you have to face visa denial. You need to read the embassy website along with the guidelines by the specific country you are visiting before applying for the visa. Make sure the visa documents are checked thoroughly and no fake documents are there.
  • Not Able To Explain The Intent Of Travel – Visiting Australia or any country in the world is to be done for travel, business, study, or anything else, but whatever is your reason, you need to be specific about that. You should also have the documents to prove your intent. Like if you are visiting Australia for the exam then have proof for that or if coming for medical reasons then should have the hospital documents as proof of your visit to the country.
  • Your Passport Status – When your passport is expired, about to expire, or has no page for a visa in the passport, then chances are higher you have to face visa rejection. In some countries, one needs to have more than six months away from the date of expiry. So, make sure you have considered all the factors before filing the visa application.
  • Criminal Records – The most important factor that can be your reason for the visa refusal is your criminal record, or if you have been considered a threat to the country. So, make sure you have a clear criminal record as this will not affect your visa process.
  • Insufficient Funds – When you have plans to come to Australia on a business visa, then you need to have sufficient funds to make sure you will manage a business in Australia that will prove beneficial for the Australian economy. You need to also be able to prove your funds at the time of the visa application before planning a traveling schedule. If your account will not manage to have the expected amount reflected then this will make a reason for the visa rejection.
  • Visa Application Time – Visiting different places might have different visa processing times. Make sure you apply for the visa after calculating the visa processing time. Plan to get that done at least a month before because if your visa processing time will cross then becomes the reason for the rejection.
  • Trustworthy Sponsor – If you are coming to Australia with the employer sponsor visa, then you need a person to sponsor your visit to Australia. The embassy will check their credibility including legal terms, tax obligations, and income.
  • Health Status – If you are having an infectious disease or do not carry the vaccination certificate for any specific disease, then you may have visa refusal or rejection.
  • Unfavorable Travel History – Chances of getting visa cancellation when you have a poor history of travel including you overstayed in a country in past, have canceled a previous visa application, and indulged in activities that are a violation of visa norms during the stay in the country.
  • Return Intention – If you are unable to provide solid proofs or data that ensure you will not stay in the country on a specific day or time then you may get a refusal.
  • Visa Interview Process – During your visa interview, you will ask for your intent, explanation, and communication to come to the country with genuine reasons. Never be hesitant or nervous as this will create doubt about you in the person taking visa interview, they may consider you may have hidden intentions and your visa may get refusal or canceled.


Getting a visa to Australia is dream come true for you. Many applicants prefer filling out applications on their own. As this is a complex process so chances of getting a visa refusal are higher. Getting the work done professionally is an easy idea to stay away from the problem. Education Embassy is a leading migration agent in Brisbane. We have helped many clients with their visa applications and made them error-free so that will get its success. You can contact us for any type of visa application and our team of professionals will contact you and guide you with expert advice. For more information, you can contact us today!

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