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How to Know Your Business is Eligible To Sponsor

How to Know Your Business is Eligible To Sponsor

Businesses usually look for foreign employees if they are unable to find the talent and qualification in the local population. Hiring foreign candidates is a complex process as it has been done in accordance with the immigration rules of the country. Any lapse on this part might lead to confusion and unintended illegal acts. If one is looking for sponsorship, the often asked question seems to be about the annual profit and turnover of the organization. The size of the business, which is determined by the number of employees is also considered very important. Australia VISA Sponsor programs need to follow certain norms. Of course, these parameters occupy a significant place in ascertaining whether the business is good enough to seek sponsorship, but the 186 sponsorship program requires some other things as well. We will describe the Employer Sponsor VISA program in detail to clear all the queries you might have. The 186 programs have been formulated to promote the employment of foreign staff if they are having difficulty in hiring local people. It is applicable to business houses of various stages like start-ups or established business houses. Common problems in business-
  1. Less number of skilled local people
  2. Shortage of people with the requisite skills, qualification or experience.
  3. Shortage of people with desirable virtues like loyalty and dedication
If the employers are facing problems like the ones mentioned above, they can hire from a global pool which is available in Australia and other overseas locations. Such businesses include small businesses, medium and large enterprises which may be both privatized or running under the government. Sole proprietors may also seek foreign employees. If you want to determine whether your business is eligible for sponsorship, go through the following points – Is your business house meeting the training requirements defined by the immigration? ┬áIt means whether you are spending enough on training and up gradation of the skills of your Australian staff? Are you making enough financial arrangements for training professionals for the industry? Do you have the requisite financial arrangements to handle the salary of the new employees? Remember it will be determined by cash in hand, not your profits or turnover. Is there a genuine need to hire me, employees? We mean that is your requirement genuine? When we encounter businesses who come to us for help in this matter, we often see that the above requirements are not exhibited properly in the documents. We advise them on how to meet the requirements. We provide them with precise and exact advice so that they meet the requirements and get approval for sponsorship. It is best to seek professional help if you think your business needs foreign employees for meeting your targets. It will save you on a lot of time, money and energy. You as a sponsor You must understand the implications of the sponsorship you are offering. It officially means that you are promising employment to the immigrant if his visa gets approved. You will have to provide him with the prevailing wage in exchange for his services. It also means that you are taking the guarantee of his character, skills, and education.

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