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How much time does AAT Take to Process?

How much time does AAT Take to Process?

If you wish to go abroad, then you would want to know the kind of wait you will have to endure. The wait anticipated can change the whole course of your life. The hearing of the case might take a painfully long time. The amount of time for a particular case takes depends on a variety of factors. The AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal ) has released the statistics that partner visa decisions take around 483 days to process while temporary work visas may take around 404 days to process. The bridging and the visitor visa decisions usually take 40 and 264 days respectively. You can get the idea from the data available with the migration consultant. Applying through AAT appeal will call for certain time constraints, the reasons for which are described below.

Case Allocation

Usually, the cases are allotted according to the priority and date but AAT can take a targeted approach to process certain types of visas for an early review. Priority is given to cases involving people in immigration detention centers. Protection visa appeals and visa cancellation cases are also given priority. High priority will guarantee less processing time.

VISA Appeals

AAT has recorded a large number of visa appeals in the last year. It is due to the high amount of refusal cases in the previous year. If we go by the figure of the first quarter of the financial year of 2018-19, the organization received over 15,800 new applications. Added to the cases in process, the total number of cases went up to 60,000. The AAT definitely had a harrowing time trying to crack the workload of such a high number of cases. The AAT was much more relaxed in 2015 when they had only 22000 cases to handle. The people occupying the top posts at AAT have mentioned that the workforce has failed to increase in proportion to the workload. Quite naturally, this has led to a large amount of backlog. The staff and the department are trying their best to eliminate the backlog. They have introduced various changes in the working methodology. New strategies have been formulated to improve the efficiency of the workers and case management tactics. We can only hope that such changes will work towards reducing the processing time per case. Of course, many immigration agencies are helping their customers with an assessment of their cases as to how long the processing will take.

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