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How much life in Australia costs? Student Visa Cost

How much life in Australia costs? Student Visa Cost

Student Visa Cost: If you are an international student and want to live in Australia for your term you at least need 20,290 Australian Dollars for a year as per the rules. This, however, does not include your tuition fee and the amount it took you to reach Australia and the cost of departure. This includes wages for:
  • Paying daily accommodation
  • Traveling expenses for going back and forth to and from school.
  • Food Expenses
  • Little here and their expenses
 To live in Australia, you need higher wages than an average salary in some other country, however, considering the cost of living, wages are also high while working in Australia. For instance, if you live in Shanghai might be close to 1900 Australian Dollars a month, whereas, in places like Melbourne, it can shoot around $5000 considering the average wages in Australia. This, however, is in contrast with the cost of goods being sold as they cost around double than any other normal country including their restaurants which cost around double than normal which is much more even than Shanghai. So, what kind of purposed does that 20,290 Australian Dollars fulfill? In terms of being the largest expense while Study In Australia, It doesn’t matter if you share it with some students or apply for campus student lodgings, accommodation stays on top of expenses while being there. However, you can live there with someone you know with low or no expense that can cut down the cost. Coming on to costs that are to paid nevertheless, Phone, Gas, Electricity and of course, the internet are some basic amenities for which you need to pay. Another expense you need to write down along with these is the public transport. You can remove that by adding a car to your expenses. If you’d like to save, the only things you can save money from would-be Entertainment and food. Now let’s estimate how much it’ll cost to stay for a week in Australia:
  • Rent is around 140 Australian dollars.
  • Groceries and Food on Hunch costs around 130 Australian Dollars.
  • Gas and electricity costs around 25 Australian Dollars.
  • Phone and Internet will surf you around 15 Australian Dollars.
  • A week’s travel will take around 40 Dollars in Public Transport.
  • Let us take an additional expense of 40 Australian Dollars for Entertainment and here and their expenses.
Concluding all this for 52 Weeks will cost you around $16K which are under 20K but quite close to that. This brings us to the conclusion that most of your accommodation money will go towards rent.

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