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How much is Where you study is Important?

How much is Where you study is Important?

Australia is one of the top destinations for the students to pursue their higher education. No doubt the living standard and quality education attract many International students every year. But, at times, students get confused about which part of Australia they should study. Where you choose to study is a very major factor if you want to get a longer work visa based on graduation or in the future if you wish to apply for permanent or temporary residency.

Studying in the Regional area

  • The competition for points is increasing and in that case, when you choose to study in the regional area it will give you additional points. Make sure when you wish to apply for the Student VISA Australia then take the help of the best migration agent as they are aware of the procedure and help you make the right decision.
  • Choosing a place like Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane will only score 5 points after studying for 2 years.
  • On the other hand, when you study in regional areas like South Australia, Western Australia, Sunshine Coast, or the Gold Coast then 5 additional points are given for regional study.
So, it is very important to choose the place wisely when you wish to study in Australia and think of the future what you need to do ahead.

Graduate Visa 485

Till now, whether you plan to study in a regional area or city, the benefit of the graduate visa (subclass 485) was the same. But, now with the new changes being implemented, it will help the students a lot. In case you choose to study at an Australian University in a regional area (anywhere instead of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) the applicant will be eligible to apply for the 485 visas for one more year.

Why is this considered important?

  • First, the chances are increased to 50% which means 3 years instead of 2.
  • This way it helps you to work longer, get more points for work experience in Australia, which will help more Australian employer to notice your work.
  • – 11 years of work experience in Australia include 5 points
  • – 3 years of work experience in Australia include 10 points
  • – 2 years experience in your field for the Employer sponsorship

State sponsorship

  • Due to an increase in competition for points and 80+ points needed in general invitation. This is why state sponsorship has become more important. You need to focus upon which occupation is needed and then study there along with meeting the requirements is the best part to get the residency journey.
  • With every state the requirements are different and with time the changes can occur. It is very important to have a proper plan which will ensure that you will get more success.
  • Students can get many opportunities in Tasmania when they study for 1 or 2 years or they have a 485 visa. It also includes Western Australia, Queensland, and South Australia.
Get assistance from the experts to plan one step further of your journey in the best way.

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