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How Long Does it Take to Get a Partner Visa For Australia?

How Long Does it Take to Get a Partner Visa For Australia?

What is Partner Visa?

De factor or partner visas are for the partners and spouses of permanent Australian citizens or residents. New Zealand citizens who are living in Australia can also apply for the same. Getting partner visas for anyone whether heterosexual or same-sex couples is easy.

The visa process passes through two stages of completion Subclass 820 (temporary) and Subclass 801 (permanent) before approval. Where the first person gets the provisional partner visa, under category Subclass 820 for onshore and Subclass 309 for Offshore applicants. After you are qualified for the provisional partner visa, they have a chance to stay in the country for a specific period. The couple then has to assess again for meeting criteria of permanent partner visa that also has to pass through the two categories Subclass 801 Visa for having subclass 820 and subclass 100 for subclass 309 visa holders.

Processing Time- The current processing time for

Provisional Partner Visa

There are two types of provisional visas including subclass 820, for people living in Australia and subclass 309, for people living outside Australia. Both the provisional visa partners got a specific time to stay in Australia until they get the permanent partner visa. One can be eligible for the same in case the applicant is in a de facto relationship with their partner living in Australia.

Permanent Partner Visas

When you completed 2 years of provisional visa, then the immigration department will assess the applicant and check to make sure the applicant is eligible according to the criteria for getting a permanent visa. For the eligibility of the visa, application assessment of visa application for permanent partner visa after you have a provisional visa for two years, the applicant should confirm that he/she is in de facto with a partner.

One who has acquired a subclass 820 Provisional partner visa, gets the 801 permanent partner visa, and for Subclass 309 Provisional partner visa gets Subclass 100 permanent partner visa after completing the entire formalities to make the partner is in a de facto relationship.

When you receive a permanent Partner visa, then the Australian residency has no conditions or specifications for your stay in Australia and you can live in Australia for the time you wanted to stay whether you are in a relationship with the partner or not.

So, you can check for the eligibility criteria with the age limit, qualification, and get done the documentation properly if you are doing it by yourself or you can go with the experienced migration agent so that there will be no chance of getting the visa rejected and you really need a migration agent for successful a partner-visa


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