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How is the Immigration lawyer different from the Migration Agent?

How is the Immigration lawyer different from the Migration Agent?

 What about the skills and qualifications?

  • The Immigration lawyer is also referred to as an Australian legal practitioner and they also have completed the Australian law degree or the program which is offered by the Legal Practitioner Admission Board. After that, he is admitted to do the work as a legal practitioner or solicitor in the territory or state.
The lawyer also has the practicing certificate which is given by the local law society. The Law societies and the legal services commissioner regulates it. In case the lawyer is a registered migration agent in Australia, then the lawyer is also regulated by the Migration Agents Registration Authority.
  • The migration agent needs to complete the postgraduate diploma in the immigration law along with oral and practical assessments so that they can get the license to give advice and help.
Who advises on the Judicial review?An immigration lawyer is known to advise on judicial review. With the judicial reviews, the errors are looked upon while making the decision and then the assessment is done to meet the application criteria.While applying for the visa in Australia you have one opportunity to apply to the Department of Home Affairs. If not, then you seek the review of the decision by the AAT.The lawyer is the right choice to get legal advice which also includes the judicial review application. The migration agent can provide only limited advice.What does it mean to be an Immigration lawyer?Lawyers handle different areas of legal advice. The immigration lawyer is someone who is specialized in or only handles the work of immigration law. So, if someone who is not linked to immigration legal advice or they are a legal practitioner of another service then he is not referred to as the immigration lawyer.How many immigration lawyers are in Australia?In Australia, there are around 7402 immigration practitioners. The Migration Agents Registration authority gave them the license so that they can give advice and assistance related to immigration..Around 2200 of them have legal practicing certificates and they are lawyers. Additionally, around 10 to 20 percent of them are licensed migration agents who will go through all the legal matters of the immigration work.There might be some agents who refer to them as the lawyer but the problem arises when they are not able to give the right solution. This happens because they are not familiar with the Australian legal system. Moreover, at times the client can get misleading or incorrect information that affects their visa changes.

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