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How Australian Professional Year Program the pathway for permanent residency?

How Australian Professional Year Program the pathway for permanent residency?

If you want to study in Australia then hiring a migration agent in Brisbane plays a crucial role in getting approval of your application. If you are experiencing less number of points in getting permanent residency then you will be able to get 5 points if you graduate in accountancy, engineering or in information technology. You will be getting 5 points after completing the course. In this article, we are going to discuss the things you should know about the professional year.Professional year program in AustraliaIt is such a blessing to the students when they apply for permanent residency. It is a work-based training which helps in developing the skills while working as well as studying.
  • Structure of professional year
This is designed in such a way where a person can get skills while studying as well as working. The tuition teachers observe the student closely for 44 to 52-week training and ensure that the student is getting a sufficient amount of experience in the chosen field. This is certified by DIBP i.e. department of Immigration and Border Protection as well as it is a government recognised. Once it is added to your resume it will increase the opportunities as well as the score will be added to general skilled migration.Advantages of training mentioned below:
  • The program will help you in developing communication skills as well as help you in gaining knowledge from the Australian workplace.
  • You can gain experience of work in Australia with the help of the internship.
  • If you are applying for Australian skilled independent visa subclass 189 you can claim for 5 points on DIBP.
  • It will enhance the value of the resume as well as help you in mentioning 5 points in the permanent residency.
  • PY will give advantage to the person by getting the skilled assessment in IT company.
  • It increases the chances of students getting a job in various fields such as accounting, IT and engineering.
Eligibility criteria
  • The person who is going to apply should be below 50 years of age.
  • The person should be having a graduation or masters degree with himself.
  • It is only applicable to the students carrying the degree in accounting, engineering and computer science.
  • If the person is having a temporary graduate visa subclass 485 then you are having one year in your hand before applying for it.
  • The person should contain 6 bands in each in the English language test.
  • The person should complete the training period within 4 years of course and earn points. Then only you will be able to get the invitation which will help you in applying for a PR visa.

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