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New Visa Point System – Making Australian PR Pathway Much More Easier !!

New Visa Point System – Making Australian PR Pathway Much More Easier !!

The immigration process to Australia just got a bit easier! With the new changes coming into effect from November 2019, many skilled professionals will be able to realize their dream of making it big in the land of kangaroos. If you are among those who desire to work or settle abroad, it will be a great opportunity for you. The new point system promises a lot of opportunities for foreign job seekers. Getting Australian PR seems to be easier now. You can approach a migration agent for going through the details. We are providing the basic guidelines in this post.

The New Point System

The new point system has enlisted the following criteria for immigration with effect from November 16, 2019-
  1. Having a skilled spouse -10 points
  2. Applicants which have been nominated by a state or a territory government or family member who is residing in regional Australia-15 points
  3. Applicants having STEM qualification(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)-10 points
  4. Applicants without a spouse -10 points
  5. Applicants with a spouse or de facto partner who is competent in English-5  points
These guidelines will be applicable to GSM(General Skilled Migration) visa categories, which include –
  • Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa
  • Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 visa
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489 Visa
Of the above 3, the first two are permanent residence visas. The last one is a temporary visa which is granted for a span of 4 years by the Australian government.

How is the Australian PR made easy by the new system?

Getting 10 points for not having a spouse or a partner will enable unmarried people to have an advantage. In case you are married, you can earn some points depending on the qualification of your spouse. Having a spouse with competent English skills will also work in your advantage. You can notch up your point score by 15 points if your spouse is well qualified and competent in English. Till now, the point system used to be on the basis of the age, education, and work experience of the person. But now, the spouse’s qualification and his or her command over English can also earn you points.

Skilled spouse + STEM education = High Chances of Australian immigration

A winning combination will be a skilled spouse along with having a STEM qualification. A STEM graduate or a post graduate with a skilled spouse having competent English can guarantee you a total of 25 points. Approach a migration agency which will help you in determining how high your chances of immigration are. Once that is clear, you can go ahead with your dream plans!

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