Guide to find Accommodation for students before moving to Australia

Guide to find Accommodation for students before moving to Australia

Thousands of international students are planning to move to Australia, because of the better future. Well, Australia is the country that gives you so many opportunities include job and education too. So, if to get the study visa Australia you need to talk to the migration agent Brisbane. He will surely tell you everything in detail about student visa because pour agents are too experienced and have a great deal of knowledge about everything.

Here are certain accommodation options for students.


You have to reside in a home with others in the starting months because this is the best option for newcomers. You can book your homestay with the help of educational institutions, well, the homestays are available for long term or short term stays. These offer you facilities such as-:

  • Airport pickup

  • Homestay agent support

  • Properly arranged meals

  • All utilities

  • Cultural exchange with your host family

  • A furnished room in the home of your host

  • Welcome and orientation

  • It costs between AUD 250 and AUD$ 350 per week. This cost depends on several factors such as rooms and meals too.

Residential Colleges

You can also go with residential colleges because this is also a great choice for international students. Well, this is the best and easiest way to live in Australia. You will get certain features-:

  • Tutors and Wifi

  • All meals

  • Fully-furnished bedroom

  • Weekly room clean

  • It costs between AUD 200 and AUD 750 include all the utilities weekly.

  • Easy access to library facilities

There are several websites to find the residential colleges in Australia, you must get the information from consultants too.

Managed Student Apartments

These types of accommodations are specially designed for international students so that they can live freely in Australia. These types of houses are made for at least 400 to 500 students and these include single or shared rooms along with the washroom as well as the kitchen.

Managed student accommodation offers:

  • Study areas

  • All utilities include internet or WIFI

  • Kitchen and bathroom with major appliances

  • 24-hour security and on-site staff support for all the students

  • These include recreation areas such as gaming, cinema rooms, table tennis, gyms, television, and BBQs.

  • Certain activities include Studies such as social events, and activities

  • Air conditioning and heating appliances too

  • Fully-Furnished rooms with a wardrobe, desk, chair, as well as mattresses.

  • It costs between AUD 200 and AUD 500 per week include all the utilities.

  • Communal laundry facilities

Private Rental

You can also go with private rental for international students so that you can live with your friends and classmates. This will help you to grab knowledge about everything. Well, it costs you almost $500 per week including every facility such as food and rooms.

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