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Guide To Explain the Process of Temporary Parent Visa Subclass 870

Guide To Explain the Process of Temporary Parent Visa Subclass 870


Your parents are eligible to migrate to Australia when they’re adopted, biological or step-child is an Australian citizen or has Australian PR or eligible New Zealand citizen. When you wanted to bring your parent to Australia, then you need to apply for a sponsored parent visa which could prove helpful for you. This is a temporary visa type that helps you to stay in Australia temporarily for a specific period. It is different from a permanent parent visa and there is no requirement to pass the balance of family test. This visa process is indeed a quicker and simpler option.

This visa application is done in 2 step process:

Step 1 – The Australian PR holder or resident must apply for and gets approval as a Parent Sponsor.

Step2 – After getting approval for the parent Sponsor Application, you need to apply for the Sponsored Parent Visa in the 6 months.

Step 1- Applying for Parent Sponsorship

Before applying for sponsored parent visa application, the child needs to necessarily make an application and get approval from a parent sponsor. One needs to complete the requirements that the sponsor must meet. The parent sponsor application can be lodged online. Below mentioned are the commitments sponsor needs to agree and fulfill:

  • Giving financial support and accommodation to the applicant for the sponsored parent by the time they will be there in Australia.
  • Have to pay back the outstanding public health debts which should be fulfilled by a sponsored parent in Australia.

Eligibility Requirements For Sponsor

  • To prove your eligibility for the Parent Sponsor, one needs to be at least 18 years old and be the child of the prospective visa applicant. Along with that, you need to be:
  • An Australian citizen
  • An Australian permanent resident residing in Australia for at least 4 years

Additional Sponsor Requirements

  • You need to fulfill any previous sponsorship obligations
  • In case, you own the Australian Government Money then have to pay back and clear the debts if any
  • Need to meet the character requirements
Pass The Income Test
Sponsors for the parent visa, have to pass the income test. This test is like an assurance that you can cover the expenses of the parent in Australia when required. To pass the income test, the taxable income of the sponsor for the recent year before the date of lodgment must be at least AUD 83,454,80. In case, the sponsor is not able to pass the test, they have to show that the combined income of you and your partner who is also an Australian citizen, or Australian PR holder, or eligible New Zealand citizen has the at least 50 percent f the taxable income amount there to pass the income test.
Parental Sponsorship Cost

The cost for the parent sponsorship is around $420

Processing Time

Most of the Parent Sponsorship applicants get the approval in approximately 75 days

Step 2- Application For Sponsored Parent Visa

After you get the approval for the sponsored visa, then the parents can lodge the Sponsored Parent Visa (subclass 870). The online application is there which one needs to make within 6 months of the approval for the sponsorship (when lodging from offshore) or within 60days of sponsorship approval (when lodging it from Onshore).


The Sponsored Parent Visa gets granted usually within 3 to 5yeras. It allows the applicant to make multiple entries like you can enter or exit Australia as much as during the entire period.

How Long Can Be The Stay In Australia

The applicant of the Parent sponsor visa is allowed to stay in Australia for 3-5 years. There is no requirement to leave Australia during the period. The parent can though reapply for further visas to extend their stay a maximum of 10 years.


The cost for the visa depends on the duration of the visa like for

  • 3 years visa- $5090
  • 5 years visa- $10180
Processing Time
Most of the visas get processed in 5 months

Conclusion – Getting your parents reunited with you in Australia is simpler with the parent sponsor visa. You need to fulfill some of the requirements when seeking a visa for your parents. The process is simple but if you don’t want to trap in the hassle then we education embassy, is your migration agent in Australia, there to help you with not just a parent sponsor visa but for any other visa option. We have a team of in-house registered migration agents in Brisbane who can fulfill all your requirements or guide you through the application process too. For more details, you can contact us today!

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