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Guide on everything you need to know about Australian passport expiry

Guide on everything you need to know about Australian passport expiry

Without a passport, if you are found in Australia, it can put you in so much trouble. Make sure that the new financial year routine includes the note to check the expiry date of your passport. Even the migration agents in Brisbane tell the applicants to consider this aspect so that their stay in Australia is stress-free.Keep track of the expiry date
  • It is common for the people to not keep a track of the expiry date of the passport and they only have a look over it when they are planning something. It does not matter whether you are on a long term visa or short term, make sure to check the expiry date.
  • It is best to set reminders every year to check the passport validity. In some cases, passport replacement can take months and most countries would want you to have your passport within 6 months for travel validity.
  • If the passport has expired, you cannot travel in case of an emergency. If you are applying for another visa with an expired visa, even then there can be a delay in granting or lodging the next visa.
  • In most cases, 10 years are valid, and the child has 5 years. This is the reason, people often forget to give importance to the visa expiry date.
In some cases, there is the need to send the passport away, or in some cases, you need to travel within Australia to your country. Currently, there has been a delay in the entire situation because of the COVID-19 and the individuals are waiting to get the new passports.What if you are in Australia and the passport expires?Travelling on the expired passport is not possible in any situation or you cannot even apply for another visa with that passport. If you do so, everything will be complicated.When you get a new passport, you need to get in touch with the DOHA so that the current visa is linked to the new one. This entire process is not going to happen on its own. Notifications can be made with the IMMI account and through 929.With some visas, there is the condition of 4021 which makes it compulsory to have a lawful passport while you are holding the respective visa. If the passport expires, then this condition is breached which means the visa cancellation can be made by the department.If you want to stay away from delays then make sure you have a valid passport to lodge for another visa application and undertake the visa medicals which need the identity proof.

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