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Guide on Australian Immigration updates by State and Territory – 190/491 Visas

Guide on Australian Immigration updates by State and Territory – 190/491 Visas

However, the migration program is being resumed by allocating a small number of places to State and Territories. There have been updates to support the Australian economy due to the pandemic effect. There is a hope that 190 and 491 visas will have more places in the future. If you are looking to apply for the visa, then make sure to contact our team of well-known migration agents in Brisbane.  Subclasses 190 and 491 updates by State and Territory Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory program is open for applicants for onshore. There are certain restrictions for the nomination and it is important to follow the eligibility criteria. A new ACT skill list will be made to support Canberra because of the pandemic effect. Applicants must hold a visa of a subclass 457 or 482 visas sponsored by an ACT employer. Northern Territory In the Northern Territory, you can lodge the onshore application for 190 and 491 subclasses. But nominations are not allowed. To get further information you need to wait for the budget 2020 – 2021. New South Wales The Skilled program for NSW is going to open on 31st August. But, there are a limited number of nomination places in this financial year. The subclass 190 nomination is going to start shortly. But, applicants will only be invited to the selected area of health, engineering occupation, ICT, and who are currently staying in the State. Re-submission is not required by the applicants who have a valid EOI. Queensland Queensland Skilled Migration program is still closed. Tasmania Currently, Tasmania is open for applications for 190 and 491. The nomination process will only proceed if the applicant has the needed skills to help to go through the recovery phase. Further updates will be available when the budget is released in October. South Australia The South Australia skilled migration program is open but there are limited nominations. Some of the important requirements which need to be met are:
  • The requirement for English levels, points, and age should be met.
  • There should be a positive skill assessment and selected occupation should be present on the Skilled migration occupation list.
  • For 3 months, the applicant needs to work in South Australia in the closely related occupation or the nomination.
You must consult the migration agents, and they can tell you properly how and when you can apply for the specific visa type. Victoria The state is making plans to make modifications to the nomination requirements to support the Victoria economy. The state nomination has been re-opened from 8th September, and it has the limited nomination. For the visa requirement, the applicant needs to be working and living there for 6 months. By making the necessary changes in the visa will help the Australian economy. If you are looking for further updates then consult our team of well-known and experienced migration agents.

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