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How To Get Australian PR With Study Visa?

How To Get Australian PR With Study Visa?


Every year, 500,000 students from all around the world go to Australia to pursue their studies. This is even popular among the students who are looking for migration. So, people who are looking for Australian migration for their studies needed experts who handle the paperwork and also guide them with how to get the PR in Australia with a student visa. Students come to Australia to seek higher education, then prefer to remain once their studies are over and apply for a permanent residence visa.

Important Things to Consider For Getting Permanent Residence Along with Student Visa

This is important to choose your courses wisely after analyzing them in the prospects and how that will be effective when you are looking for PR. Along with that, these are some of the factors that you should consider when wanting to get PR and it includes:
  • Age of applicant
  • Work experience
  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Educational qualification
  • Partner’s skills ( if applicable)
Students desired career chances following graduation because of the rising Australian economy. To work in Australia as a permanent resident (PR), the candidates need to make their way to change their way to permanent residency status. There are three most useful ideas to get PR with the post-study work visa, skilled migration, and employer nomination scheme.

What Is A Permanent Resident Or PR?

An Australian permanent resident is a person who gets the rights of an Australian citizen. A citizen has the right to leave or enter their country as much time or anytime he wants. On the other hand, a person with PR who wishes to travel abroad then needs to have a permanent visa including travel authorization. Australian PR holders are also the residents of Australia having PR to Australia but can’t be considered as the citizens of Australia. Permanent residents can be eligible for Australian citizenship after a certain period.

How To Get the Permanent Residency?

International students can seek for permanent residency in Australia after finishing their education. To do so, go to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s talent selection migration programme and ‘express your interest.’ This can be avail through the online service by the Australian Government and using the same, students can be able to apply for a skilled visa along with submission of expression of Interest (EOI). To apply for the same, the candidate needs to provide their details, work experience, English language proficiency test, and information for work experience should be submitted.

With that, a candidate needs to provide details of the skills assessment offering the nominated occupations.

A applicant must apply for a Skilled Independent Visa after graduation (subclass 189). This is a point-based program for skilled workers aged between 18-49. The candidates were not nominated by the state government but were sponsored by their job or a family member. After submitting EOI, the candidate has to submit the skills assessment and then Subclass 189, allowing the candidates to live and work in Australia as permanent residents.

Below mentioned are some of the common visa options students can be used:

1. Post Study Work Visa

The tenure for this post study or post-graduation work visa is for two years and makes the students able to work for two years without any restrictions. Candidates after completing their bachelor’s or master’s degree can be eligible for applying for this visa. After completion of the studies, many students thought that they can be able to get the eligibility for PR. The reason, they either do not have the employer sponsor or enough points for skilled migration. Then, a post-study work visa is one for you.

2. Skilled Migration

Skilled migration programs make you able to get permanent residency based on your work experience and the skills of the candidate. With this visa option, one must not require the employer sponsor. Along with this visa program, a candidate needs to pass the English language proficiency and points test. Your points can be based on various factors including educational qualification, age, and English language proficiency.

3. Employer-Sponsored Visas

This is the popular way to get a long-term Australia visa. When the candidates are not able to meet the requirements of the skilled migration then an easy option to go with is an employer-sponsored visa. To get this visa, a candidate needs to get a temporary visa (subclass 482) at the initial level which will allow you to work for at least 3 years for the sponsoring employer and after completion of that tenure; you can go for the permanent visa. In some cases, candidates can directly apply for permanent residence (186 Visa) but usually, employers prefer the TSS 482 visa pathway.


To get higher studies from Australia is like a dream for many students all around the world and getting a job and PR here is another dream to be true. After completing your studies, with some visa options you can be able to get the PR and work and live here permanently and these options are explained above. Still, if you have any doubt then you can contact the education embassy, we are leading registered migration agents in Brisbane Australia. We have a team of experts who handled your visa application and assist you with the visa process too. For more information, you can contact us today and one of an expert from our team will get back to you with suitable solutions!

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