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General Sklilled Migration Program

General Sklilled Migration Program

General Skilled Migration Program – An update by Sourabh Aggarwal

From 1st July 2018 the minimum points score was raised from 60 points to 65 points for a General Skilled Migration (GSM) by Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) which have three categories

Points are awarded based on the number of factors which includes Age, Qualification, Experience, Regional study, NAATI and English Language etc.

In addition to scoring 65 points for GSM, applicant must meet following eligibility criteria:

For occupations such as Accountants, Managers and IT professional, occupation ceiling for an invitation is over 75 points. For such occupations, applicant should look for state or regional sponsorship as it might help them to gain residency through State or Regional nomination program.

Another important point factor to score points are that applicant have worked in their nominated occupation or a closely related occupation in the ten years prior to GSM application. It is easier to score points if you have worked in Australia; points are awarded for lesser years worked.

Additionally, for many Skills Assessing bodies such as TRA (Trade Recognition Australia), VET Assess, ACS (Australian Computer Society) and AACW (Australian Community Workers Association), applicants are required to demonstrate minimum of 1 year of work experience in their nominated occupation or a closely related occupation post qualification.

Sounds simple enough, but that is rarely the case with migration law. There are important definitions determined by the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) that you need to fulfil in order to claim these points. However, Regulation 2.27C or D has serious effects on claiming point related to skilled employment and skilled qualification. Our professional team of Migration agents will help assess your eligibility keeping in mind Migration Regulations and Migration Act of 1958.


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